I am a horrible person

Last Saturday my sister sent her kids to our moms for the night and I went out with my sister and brother in law, We were all pretty drunk when we got home I went to the spare room in the basement, I got undressed and crawled into bed, I was laying there with nothing on like I always do when I could swear I heard a noise outside my window, I got out of bed and turned off the lamp, I looked out the window and thought I could hear footsteps, I was freaked out and closed the window locking it.
I threw on a pair of shorts and a tank top and went upstairs, I went to my sisters room the door was open so I knocked softly and walked in, My brother in law and my sister were both laying there with very little covers on and my brother in laws p**** was exposed.
He is a tall guy with what I would consider an average build, Not muscular but not overweight, Just nicely built, I have always had a great relationship with him and we have spent a lot of time alone, I quite often stay with him while my sister is out of town for work so there is someone at home after school or so I can watch the kids during the day while he is at work.
I have on occasion noticed the outline of his p**** in pyjama pants or sweats after showering when I stay at their house and I cant say I haven't noticed that his p**** is large but I have never seen it anywhere even close to hard, He was laying on his back, One arm above his head and one across his stomach and his p**** rock hard.
I am only 24 but I have seen enough penises to know that he is HUGE, I was shocked to say the least, Laying on his stomach it reached just past his belly button and it is THICK, like unreal thick, I couldn't believe how big it is, Huge, veiny and the girth, Oh my god, I cant believe the girth he has, I am not making excuses but I was drunk and haven't had a boyfriend for a while and I was admittedly thinking about maybe having a "Session" before being startled and fleeing my room.
I caught myself breathing heavy and I was already h****, I remember thinking "What could it hurt to just touch it", I reached down and took it between my thumb and pointer finger, I stood it straight up, I remember thinking it was almost as long as my forearm, Just then it slipped out of my fingers and smacked against his stomach, I froze thinking he would wake up for sure, I stood there still staring at him but he never moved, I waited a couple seconds and touched it again, I ran my fingers along the underside to the humongous pink k*** and rubbed the tip with my thumb.
I took it in my hand wrapping my fingers around it and couldn't even touch them together, I slowly stroked it and massaged his b**** with the other hand, It only took a minute or so and he started breathing heavy then started moaning a bit, He puled his hips back then thrust them forward and I panicked, I knew exactly what was happening and I bent down, Wrapped my lips around his tip and then it happened, I cant believe I took it that far and I feel terrible about it now but at the moment I just wasn't thinking straight, I sucked for a couple seconds and suddenly I felt him slide his hand up my shirt and grab my b***, I looked at him and he had his eyes closed but he came and I couldn't think of anything to do but keep going, I sucked until he was done then stood up.
I still had his p**** in my hand and he was still hard, When I stood up he took his hand out of my shirt and cupped my bum cheek, He was rubbing me from behind and slipped one finger in the leg of my shorts, I was so h**** I couldn't stop and let him slide a finger in me, His p**** kept twitching and a bit more came out, I looked at him and my heart stopped, He was looking right at me, I started shaking and stepped back, he was really drunk but looked at me and slurred "MMMM, that was nice", He rolled over and threw a leg over my sister, I snuck out of the room and went to the couch, I was sitting there for about fifteen minutes before I heard my sister say "What time is it?", My brother in law said "Who cares", A few seconds later I heard my sister moan "OOOHHH god", I sat there and could hear her moaning and soon heard her "harder, harder", I was still feeling terrible but couldn't help myself, I stepped into the hallway and leaned over peeking in their door, I watched my brother in law shoving his huge p**** in my sister who was face down with her bum in the air, I could see his whole p**** as he slid in and out of her, She only took about three minutes and buried her face in the pillow muffling her o*****, He kept going and lasted a couple more minutes before saying "roll over", When she did I left the doorway but I could hear him say "Suck it" and then heard him moan out loud.
I went back to bed and was so nervous when I woke up that he would say something but I stayed for three hours before going home and he was totally normal toward me, Is it possible to come and not remember it, I have never been that drunk to not remember it in the morning and he looked right at me.
I have to go watch the kids next week for two days and I am so nervous, I feel terrible and don't know what I am going to do if he says anything.


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  • Your story made me hard. Drunk women turn me on a lot ! I'd love to get you drunk and pound you till you couldn't c** anymore!

  • Hey the whole point of this webpage is to post confessions. Don't worry about the trolls. Your story was hot!

  • Try learning how to post your lame, boring, cliched, done-to-death in-law garbage on an erotica website, nimrod.

  • This would be more plausible if you wrote it that he wasn't in bed with his wife/your sister.

  • I so so wish this was true. However I suspect it was written by a guy.

  • Don't really care what you think, I just needed to get it off my chest.

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