I think my fiancé is into his sister.

Okay. I'll keep this short and sweet-

My fiancé/baby daddy found out that he was sexually abused by his dad. He would make he and his sister have s** while he watched, when they were little.
My fiancé and his sister are SUPER uncomfortably close. I'm his first girlfriend ever, and before we got together, he and his sister would go out to things like dinners, movies, etc. pretty much like their dating. He laughs and looks at her in a way that he never does with me. Whenever she walks away, he'll look back. It just feels like they have sexual chemistry. She never liked me from the beginning, and always calls me out or tries to make me jealous. There was even a time We were playing a game and I called "uno" out on her and she got mad and left the house.

I've tried confronting him about how I feel about their relationship . Many times. But he gets mad and says "I have a sick mind" should I be worried? I feel like they would have s** again if they could.

Nov 1, 2016

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  • How do you have a sick mind?! His dad had a sick mind, making him f*** his sister! They have an unbreakable, close bond now, born out of sexual abuse. It's wasn't there fault as children, but now they're older, if they participate knowingly in incestual s**, it would be wrong

  • Their closeness probably stems from them both being abused as children and only having each other to turn to and trust.Lots of siblings go to dinner or movies together its not unusual at all and doesn't mean they are "dating". To me it sounds like you are reading to much into this now that he told you they were sexually abused and were made to have s** together. News flash if they want to have s** they can.

  • Don't marry this guy. Incest is bad news.

  • Don't get mad or run...Tell her to join you with him...

  • They are probably still having intercourse. That is horrible. :( And I'm not sure how he could just figure out that he was abused. Weird twisted situation all around. LEAVE HIM!!!

  • Run girl. Don't believe me, Check out website I hate my in laws - RUN!

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