Acting on the fantasy

My hubby has always had a fantasy about me being with another man. I went on a girls might put a few days ago, nothing fancy but we had a goal to get one of our single friends hooked up.

After a few cocktails, and a bit of dancing it seems like we had managed to solve our friends problem, however I had also managed to catch someone's attention in the process... Which is where all the times I had been riding my hubby whilst he thought about me being f***** by another guy popped into my mind.

I decided to endulge in the flirty dancing and so on for the next few hours, nothing happened, maybe a few touches and a quick feel here and there (from both sides, he did have a very decent sized c***) - until he mentioned leaving as he was staying in a hotel, and had to leave early the following day... Perfect!

I, without much effort, managed to suggest I could come with him for a "chat" - which he rapidly accepted.

I spent the next couple of hours in his hotel room being a right s*** for him, every thought my hubby had out into my head was racing through my head the whole time! I don't know why, but the feeling of his c*** slipping into my p**** was amazing, maybe I was just really h**** :3

I haven't told my hubby yet, so he is in for a great when I do ;D

Nov 1, 2016

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  • While you are riding hubby next time he is fantasizing, tell him this is how you really rode your lover. See how he reacts. Then you can back out of it as you were just playing into his fantasy if he reacts negatively.

  • Nothing like a s*** wife to make a man happy. I hope you repeat this over and over.

  • I wish my wife would do that for me

  • Hubby may have also wanted to be part of the fantasy, not just find out that his wife f***** some other guy while at a party.

  • Better hope hubby really wanted this fantasy and wasn't just talking dirty. Otherwise you're in for a divorce instead of a hot story and s** night.

  • There are ways of telling hubby in way that counts like she's just maybe taking a different twist on the hot shared fantasy that reveals going during s** to see how he reacts and she could also ask him is this kinda scenario turns on for real .. she can explain that girls night and their shared fantasy made her h**** as f*** and that she had dream that felt so real that she is wondering if he did want this fantasy to become reality .. and that if he is uncomfortable if/when they go for it that he can call it off .. well, umm that's is if he calls if off before she or her lover are too far into the heat of moment and well, he will have to accept the completion of that sexual encounter though .. he dill understand that at a certain point the building pleasure in both of them will be too powerful to stop just like that

  • Good job girl. You will make him happy but realize it will be that good every time

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