I <3 B.J.s!

I am a 25yr old woman and i love sucking c***! i am not joking i love the feel and the texture of a d*** in my mouth! and i am super good at it! every time i give my hubby a BJ he shakes all over and his eyes roll back in his head! i swear he almost passes out! i have only done it for 4 different guys including my hubby but every other guy i did it for just let me go to town on them for as long as i wanted! my problem is my hubby don't let me do it enough! it's like he don't like it. he just doesn't understand that it makes me feel sexy! there is just something about being on my knees in front of him and him looking down into my eyes that just makes me feel so freaking sexy! i think it might be that he was brought up catholic and he feels guilty or something i don't know. i guess i just wanted to get that off my chest! and no this is not a fake story like most people would think i am a real woman and i really do love sucking c***! no joke!

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  • If God exists, I'll bet he is laughing at the bitter irony that such a talent should be wasted on an sexually repressed Catholic guy.

  • Find a few well to do married men and make arrangements. I have trained a number of women to c** while sucking. What you describe is a bit of what I teach. Well to do married business owners are the best because they will keep it quiet and even help you find new "clients" and yes, I recommend you make it a business proposition, because it helps the men and gives you a nice nest egg.

  • Sounds like you've been watching to much p***, probably since you were a young girl you found your parents stashed p**** vhs's and watched them...

  • What's wrong with watching p***! Some of it is really exciting!

  • No one said it was wrong! don't know where you got that thought from.....

  • Would love to hook up:)

  • everyone has a right to their opinion and in my opinion you are a pedophile. in society we use a lot of labels to describe people and sometimes they are wrong and mean but when someone like you is labeled a pedophile they got it right! i may be called a freak or s** fiend for what i like to do as a grown WOMAN with my husband who is a grown MAN but i don't care because we are two consenting adults and can do what ever we want as long as it is legal! and what you are talking about is definitely not legal in any way! a child can not consent to a "relationship" with an adult because they do not comprehend what that means!! and i do not see any signs that society is at all starting to accept this kind of thinking as in the "days of old" because they are just that! "DAYS OF OLD"!!! we as people and as a society evolve and change all the time and we have evolved to realize that those kinds of "relationships" that were once thought of as "normal" are not normal!!! i know three people who i went to high school with who were molested as children and not one of them will tell you that they are glad that they were raped as children! they will tell you have much they hate the person who did it to them! they definitely do not "love" that person! and i have never once seen someone with a button or a picket sign that says "i have s** with kids and i am proud!" so i do not see supporters for your cause coming out of the wood work any time soon! so in my opinion, and i am sure anyone would agree, you are most definitely a PEDOPHILE!!!

  • Yeah, tell me something I don't know and damn well proud of it also!!

  • everyone has a right to their own opinions, even child molesters and pedophiles. but just like you said it was acceptable to in a "relationship" or what ever you want to call it, with a child in the "days of old". but that is exactly what is is "DAYS OF OLD"!! people evolve and change and society does too! and it is a known fact that a "relationship" with a child is WRONG!!! it is detrimental to the child's mental and physical well being! i went to high school with three people who were molested as a child and were told by their molester that it was a "normal" thing what they were doing to them! but was most certainly not "normal"! and at no point in time did either of them say to me, "i am glad i was molested because deep down i really wanted to be raped as a child!". i see people with buttons and picket signs that say, "i'm gay and proud!!" but i do not see nay one walking around with buttons or picket signs saying, "i have s** with kids and i'm proud!" i just don't see any supporters coming out of the wood work for your cause! so in my opinion, and i think anybody would agree with me you are most surely a PEDOPHILE!!

  • I don't understand why you people put these silly ass comments on here, does it make you feel better and give you some sense of self worth like you've accomplished something in your combat to rid or change the views of others, because deep down inside you now there is not a damn thing you can do about someone else's actions or beleifs, why don't you just let people live their life and you live your own life the way you see fit for you and yours? and maybe you and others like you would live a less stressful life... at lest it works for me.

  • i'm not stressed at all. but if someone does not want to hear my opinion then they should not post on my comments. :)

  • Well your comments seem to suggest that you're a little sressed about pedophiles!!

  • I just want to make sure that this person knows i have a problem with someone taking advantage of children. that's all.

  • Everyone knows now, but who gives a damn about what your problem is you're the only one responsible for correcting that problem, or learning to accept that other people have their own preference's not everyone see's or believes in the same things as you do and no amount of badgering, name calling or trying to belittle them is going to change the way they feel or believe.

  • Well now, so everyone knows you have a problem with someone trying to educate and pleasure a willing child who wants to experience her own natrual human sexuality!! so who are you to try and speak against it?

  • this post and the one above were meant for the pedophile's comments at the bottom of the page

  • Oh my gah, I thought I was going to top your post by mentioning that I used to get my d*** sucked by an 8 year old friend of my youngest daughter, but then I saw the first comment on your post, I can't believe someone else has had a BJ from an 8 year old girl... guess it's a sign of the times, anyway I was so amazed that this young girl enjoyed it so much that the next day she came to me and told me streight out "I liked it when your d*** was in my mouth" from that point on I never said no thank you to her whenever she wanted to suck me and that was everyday.....

  • My wife of 28 years gives me a bj almost every Sunday. She was always sexual, and is very good at it. I would never dream of stopping her or remotely acting like I didn't like it. I consider myself the luckiest man alive, and your husband should feel that way too.

  • i found out that while we were dating he bragged to his brothers (all 4 of them) about how good i was at giving BJs and they all told him he was very lucky and he thinks so too! that was very flattering to hear! (as well as creepy because now i can't be in the same room with one of his brother's with out blushing every time they look at me now!) lol

  • lmao lol at above comment. I feel you maam, bc my girlfriend absolutely LOVES giving me head, sometimes Im afraid more than even i love receiving it. Have you tried just telling him?? Communication works wonders. Feel lucky that he shows some constraint with you doing that; it takes a H*** of a true man to resist something like this, especially if the woman LOVES it. cherish him for doing so, but dont stop!!!!

  • i never thought of it that way! thanks! and trust me i will not stop doing it whenever he will let me! ;)

  • and i did talk to him about it and it is the catholic guilt thing but we decided we would work on it together and he would let me do it at least once a week to start with! ;)

  • Damn! you sound for real, I only met a couple of feamles in my life who truly loved and were eager to suck d***, one was an 8 year old girl(nieghbor friend) and an 18 year old student at a school I once worked at, your husband should consider himself one lucky man I know if I had a wife like you, I'd be more then happy and eager to be giving you my d*** to suck on!

  • Lmao you know an 8 year old that loves sucking d*** ??this world is f*****.

  • It's not f*****! you're the one who's f*****... get it though your head children are sexual being just like you and I!

  • i am very much for real! but you are very much a pedophile if you hadn't realized that by now!

  • What the f***? pedophiles are for real, and I think you're very much fake! lol whatever point your trying to get across about yourself.

  • i know pedophiles are for real you dumb f***! and i was not trying to make a point about myself i was just wanting someone to give me a little advice on how to approach the subject with my husband with out making him feel like he was any less of a man. i can not keep the dumb a**** from commenting on whatever i post because this is a free country but i will comment back. so post whatever you want you don't hurt my feelings any or make my concerns any less valid. thank you and have a wonderful day SFI! :)

  • If you haven't learnd out how to communicate with your husband in a considerate and loving way and have to get on here for advice then that shows that you may be a little immature to even be involved with anyone, as for your husband if he is a real man and not a man/boy then he would be secure within himself so that he wouldn't feel any less then a man! thats my observation..

  • No one said you weren't for real, you said "this world is f*****" and all I'm saying is if you think the world is f***** it's only because of attitudes and beliefs like yours I live in the real world where age gap relationships and child adult relationships whether romantic or sexual are a reality and are very much becoming acceptable once again as they once were in the days of old! "if you hadn't realized that by now!"

  • i left a comment for you at the top pf the page i hope you read it and understand what i am saying because you are definitely wrong.

  • The only person wrong is you! if you have never experienced what you are arguing about then your comments are of no value or credibility to anyone but you and other like minded people, it is illogical to voice any opinion whether positive or negative without having any firsthand knowledge/experience of adult and child sexual activity.

    One mans wrong is an other mans right!! in other words, live and let live! do what you believe is right for you and yours and leave other people the f*** alone because we are all individuals not robots programed to believe the same superior moral values that you believe you have or do the same things as everyone else.

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