Wife's friend at the pool

My wife's friend comes over a lot, and in the summer we go hang out at the pool in our apartment complex. They both look really good in their bikinis, and my fantasies start to run wild. I sometimes leave early to go back up to our apartment to "do some work", but really I'm going to j*** off. If they're sitting in just the right spot, I can see them from the window and take pictures. The friend's clothes would be in a bag in our bedroom, and eventually I started sniffing her panties. I rub my d*** on all of her clothes and get precum on them. I also started getting a thrill out of going through her stuff. I look in her purse, but haven't really found anything interesting.

She left her phone one time, and fortunately it wasn't locked. I was hoping to find some worthwhile pictures, but no such luck. I did find a few raunchy text exchanges with a few different guys. I didn't have time to read as much as I would have liked to, but I know there are a few guys out there that she has made very happy in the last few months. She's technically married, but going through a divorce. I wanted to see if there was any evidence of her cheating on her husband before they separated (I know that whole timeline from my wife), but these texts seemed to all come after. I just love the invasion of privacy.

The last time we went to the pool before it closed for the season, she and my wife went out afterwards. She left her bikini hanging on our balcony to dry. I took it in and jerked off into into. I left a load of c** on the bottom and the top and took pictures. Since they were already wet, I just washed them off and put them back on the balcony. Before next summer, I intend to figure out how to have a hidden camera in the bedroom where she changes.

Nov 2, 2016

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  • I have a fenced-in yard with colored slats, so, it's very difficult to see in. making it a frequent request from female friends to relax, tan, etc. When my friend Dan was in local lockup for 3 months, his way-hot, slender, fit-bodied blonde gf, with sky-blue eyes and killer ass, didn't feel comfortable laying out at their crappy place, so, she asked if she could steal some sun in my backyard.

    I said yes, as also knew she'd wear as little as possible, and I'd get a good show for hours. I was correct. She showed up, we chatted, and she changed into a tiny, wicked weasel-type bikini that just displayed her fantastic body so well..I'd seen her in various modes of dress, however, not this nearly..very close to..naked. And I loved it. She knew what she was doing, and told me "go ahead, I know you want to" meaning, take some cell pics of her. She posed for a few in my kitchen, then went outside, planting herself on a lounge chair and stretching out. I watched her intently.

    We had a nice day, flirted a bit, drank, and, in a way, she made me the replacement bf. Few little lip kisses, thank-you's, etc. She then wanted to take a shower, as was working that night, and tossed the tiny bikini onto my guest bedroom bed. I had at those bikini bottoms of hers like crazy while she was in the shower. She never knew.

  • Google blink for home and look at their camera line.

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