Something old and something new (Part 1)

All names have been changed to protect the guilty LOL.
My husband and I have been together 16 years, Married for 13 and are as much in love today as ever, We have a great relationship and there is no one else I would rather spend time with, that being said we have been known to engage in the odd encounter with other people, Never without the other and we are able to openly discuss things before they happen.
I am not saying we do it a lot, It has only happened 4 times in 16 years once in college, and 3 times on holidays, We have never done anything with a couple we haven't spent some time hanging out with which is nice because you at least get a feeling for what the aftermath is going to be, If we can't sit and have drinks for a few hours first I wont even consider it, Its always been more of a couples thing for us, the one in college was my room mate and it was a first for all three of us and even at 20 both of us decided it wasn't the kind of situation we wanted and it was 5 years before we did anything again, That time it was a couple and we both went home very happy with the way things went, Since then we only invite couples to join us.
My best friend Nicole and I had been planning a trip to Las Vegas to attend the wedding of a mutual friend of mine and hers, She has know about the things we have done and she is the only person I have ever told, She is the only person I would ever tell, I tell her things in confidence knowing full well that she is going to tell her husband and I am ok with that, She is my oldest friend which is where the (Something old) part comes in, We have been best friends basically since the day we met over 20 years ago and I can tell her anything without fear of judgement or anything, We don't see each other as much as I would like since we live two hours apart and are both super busy but we can always just sit around in pyjamas and laugh all night no matter how long it has been, We made our plans and last weekend caught our flight to VEGAS BABY.
We planned to stay a week after the wedding and just decompress from life, We arrived the night before the wedding, Basically went straight to our rooms and went to bed, We got up and had a bit of time to look around before getting ready, We attended the small ceremony and all just kind of hung out after drinking and partying in an informal reception, We went to bed and the next day the boys went to do "Boy stuff" and we went shopping of course.
We met back up for supper and drinks and by midnight Nicole went to bed and apparently spent the night wrapped around the toilet, The next day we all hung out together and she moped around hung over until supper, I finally talked her into a little hair of the dog so to speak and soon she started to perk up, We went to Coyote Ugly and checked it out then Hard Rock and so on, We went back to our room and sat on the balcony over looking "the strip", we spent at least two hours people watching and drinking, the boys decided to go to the casino in the hotel for a bot and we decided to just hang out, I noticed Nicole's husband whisper something to her before leaving but didn't think anything of it until after they had left and we were talking, We were talking about life and she brought up s**, She has always been what I would consider a bit "Vanilla" with her s** life, She owns one piece of lingerie, one "Toy" and has never let her husband see her use it, She only has s** with the lights off which I don't get because if I had her body I would be showing it off, She doesn't mix things up much and although I thought it was working well for them it appears it has not been.
Nicole explained to me that things in bed have gotten a bit "Stale", She told me they have been talking a lot and that she has been doing more to try and reignite their s** life but nothing seems to be working, At that point I thought she was looking for advice more than anything else and I explained that our bedroom etiquette was probably not something she would be comfortable implementing as far as dressup or role play but tried to give her some ideas, She said that in the last couple years she has tried almost everything she thought he would like although he has never asked for anything but nothing seems to be the thing to light the fire, We talked at length and finally she asked me if we ever fight about s**, I thought for a minute and told her "Actually...No", They have been together since highschool and I can understand how things could get boring, She was kind of skirting around the question but finally asked if being with other people makes our relationship better or worse, I laughed and explained that it isn't like we do it all the time and the times we have it wasn't planned, it just happened, I had no idea she would ever even consider taking steps to go to that level.
We talked and I explained that it wasn't something that could repair a relationship, It was something to add to an already strong relationship but that it could be a wonderful thing if done right and both people are strong enough to accept that it is what it is, She asked why we only do it every few years and I explained again that it is a spontaneous thing not something we consider part of our s** life, At this point I thought I was giving my best friend advice on possibly looking into some new options until she dropped a bombshell on me which is the beginning of the (something new) part.
She started by telling me how I am her one and only, Her go to for everything, Her confidant and how she would never want anything to change our friendship, I looked at her and asked her "What are you asking me?", She stared into my eyes and said "We want to try it", I said "Are you saying with us?", She explained that her and her husband had talked about it, Basically every time I told her we had done it she and her husband had talked about, After the last time she says her husband started displaying an interest in it and she told me they had started talking about the "What if's", She explained that it had morphed into talking about it during s** and that they had spent the last two months since finding out about the wedding discussing whether or not it was something they wanted to take beyond pretending.
I was a bit dumbfounded and didn't really know what to even say, I had never even considered the idea of doing anything with them, Although both are good looking and both sexually attractive we had never done anything with someone we knew since college, I asked if that was what her husband had whispered to her about and she told me it was, She told me he was obviously very into the idea and she although more nervous knew she definitely wanted to, We discussed it a bit more and after conveying my concerns she assured me they were ready if we were willing, My main concern was not affecting our friendship and she told me that was hers as well.
Nicole texted her husband and told him to come back to the room after I had agreed to go ahead with it, She told me he wasn't going to say anything to my husband which I thought was best and when they came back to the room I pulled him aside as Nicole's husband went out to the deck, I knew convincing him would be easy since he has many times talked about her and her body which I have seen but he has not, My husband and I went back to the deck and it was the most awkward few seconds of my life, I looked at her, She looked at me and I shrugged my shoulders and nodded my head, She stood up and my husband took her hand, I took her husbands hand.
Me and her husband went into the room while Nicole and my husband stayed on the deck.
(See part two)


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  • I wish my wife wanted to swing... but with other women... did you and Nicole do the deed or just strictly husband swap?

  • I'm OP: What isn't anyone liking or commenting on my halfassed attempt at erotica? I spent so much time on this! Someone please acknowledge me! I need attention! I need validation!

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