On a break and never told the whole story

Never told anyone this but in the first 6 months going out with my bf, we broke up a few times in a couple of week so we decided to go on a break, i was 18 at the time and got invites out clubbing with a few friends. as the night got on me and two my friend were hanging out with these 3 guys and i was chatting to this one guy who was fit as f***, my friends paired up too, first one my friends had dissapered with her guy and then the second, by now we were sat at a booth with his hands on my legs moving up till we were snogging and doing stuff with our hands, he was older and once again fit as f***. having no idea where my frienda were we went outaide to look and he ended up dragging me down an alleyway where i ended up sucking his c*** and eventually he f***** me hard agaist the wall, it was an epic f*** i had to admit however he soon disappeared after, never to be seen again. after finding one my friends we caught a cab home and i kept it secret that i had just had my first ever one night stand, next day me and my bf got back together and the guilt hit me hard although i did tell him about the guy, i just said i kissed him, never admitted that i f***** him, net alone that he didnt used a condom or the fact that he came inside me (something i hadnt even let my bf do yet) needless to say from what my bf did know he waa hurt and after alot of b******* and s** he forgave me as we were techniquely on a break

Nov 2, 2016

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  • It hurts when someone you're fond of can get exactly the same thing(or better) from someone else, just does, even if you didn't/dont think of it that way.

  • What were you wearing?

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