Something old and something new (Part 2)

I am not much for details but I know some of you are only reading this for that reason so I'll do my best.
I knew Brian was nervous so I wanted to let him make me vulnerable to help him feel more at ease, I stood in front of him and let him take his time, I should explain that me and Nicole are about the same height but physically that is where the similarities stop, We are both about 5'3" she is maybe 5'4" but I am 120 lbs with not big but average size b****** (34B) and what my husband calls the perfect butt, which I actually think is a bit too round but he says its perfect and Nicole had actually mentioned before that her husband was infatuated with my rear, Nicole is 140ish lbs but has enormous b****, I think she buys DD bras but could easily go bigger and always complains that she has no bum but I think its fine.
Brian put his hands on my hips and looked up at me, He lifted my shirt a bit and kissed my stomach, I pulled my shirt over my head and he took a deep breath letting it out as he ran his hands across my hips, He undid my belt and I wiggled my hips letting my jeans slide to my thighs, I turned my back to him and he put his hands on my thighs, I looked over my shoulder as he looked up at me, He slowly shook his head from side to side and then looked at me and whispered "Amazing", I let him grab my cheeks a bit then he stood up, He kissed the back of my neck and started kissing his way down my back stopping to spend maybe a bit too much time kissing my butt cheeks then down my thighs as he worked my jeans to the floor.
As I stepped out of them my husband and Nicole came into the room, My husband sat Nicole on the couch and Brian stood up behind me, Nicole had many times told me that her husband was what would be considered "Average" as far as p**** size and my husband is a tall, Well built guy who is by far the biggest I have ever had and I was actually kind of excited to see her reaction to the second p**** she had ever handled being that big since every girl so far had been a bit shocked to tell the truth, I pulled her husband up behind me so I could stay facing them and watched as she pulled his pants down and stared at the bulge in his underwear, She slowly pulled them down and my husbands p**** popped out half hard, She pulled her head back and swallowed hard then looked up at him with almost an afraid look on her face, She didn't say a word but I burst out laughing when Brian looked over my shoulder and said "Holy S***", They both looked at us and we all laughed.
I turned to face Brian and pushed him down on the bed, I took off my bra and crawled on top of him, I looked over at Nicole as she took my husbands p**** in her hands, She studied it then opened her mouth and started licking up and down it, I got Brian down to his underwear then slowly pulled them down, He was rock hard and definitely not big but at least average I would say, I started giving him head and looked over at Nicole, My husband had her standing and stripped to her bra and panties, I watched him take off her bra and you could almost see his brain explode, Nicole not only has monster b**** but they are actually almost perfect, they are not big and saggy like you would expect but they stand up on their own and are almost perfectly symmetrical, basically the perfect b**** every girl wishes she had.
Both me and Brian stopped and looked up when my husband picked Nicole up and she squealed then wrapped her legs around his waist, We shuffled over as my husband laid Nicole on the bed, Brian grabbed me and rolled me onto the bottom, I rolled onto my stomach and he worked his way down eventually kissing my bum, I spread my knees, Lifted my bum and he buried his face in me licking me from behind which is my favorite, Nicole was on her back with my husband between her legs and she was definitely enjoying herself.
My husband got on top of her and rubbed his k*** against her vag as I looked back under my arm watching them, Brian was doing a wonderful job and I was actually surprised how good he felt when he knelt behind me and shoved his c*** in me, Brian started out slow as I watched Nicole, She was not doing as well as I was, She was wincing every time my husband tried to push into her but eventually he licked her some more, Got back on top of her and as he leaned forward shoving his c*** in her she grunted, He worked back and forth a few times and I could see the look on her face change from one of discomfort and fear to one of pure ecstasy, She closed her eyes and moaned "Oh Shiiiiit".
Brian rolled me onto my back and shoved back into me, I was really enjoying my self but not like Nicole was, I had no idea she is so vocal but she let everyone know what she was thinking and feeling, My husband rolled her onto her side facing me and entered her from behind, I laid down facing her and this is something I have never done before but I shuffled over and wrapped my arms and legs around Nicole, Brian laid behind me and soon we all had our arms and legs all tangled together having s**, Me and Nicole started kissing and there were hands everywhere, I don't even remember who was grabbing what but Nicole pulled my hair pulling my head back and screamed "F*#K YES" and kept screaming it as she came, My husband bucked his hips finishing almost simultaneously and Brian right after, with me rubbing myself to finish a few seconds later while kissing Nicole's shoulder.
We all laid in a big tangled mess kissing and groping and no one said a word, we eventually separated but stayed in bed, Brian passed out and I watched my husband and Nicole kiss and grope for a bit before she stopped and looked at me, I said "Don't stop" and she went back to kissing him, He worked his way down and spread her legs licking her as I watched, Brian was out like a light so I just laid there and watched, Nicole had her eyes closed and was in her own little world as I watched her, Her massive b**** were wiggling as she shuddered while my husband licked her, I have only "been with" one other girl and that was back in college but have touched a few when we have been with other couples, I reached over and her nipples were so big and hard and I was actually a bit surprised at how big they got, I just wanted to touch them, I softly rolled them between my fingers and she moaned "Oh yah", I leaned over and sucked them and played with her b**** and she opened her eyes and looked at me, She bit her bottom lips and said "I have never", I just winked and got on my hands and knees, I Kissed my way down her body and soon my husband lifted his head and kissed me, He moved back and ran his fingers through my hair then pulled my face down to Nicole's crotch.
Me and Nicole were in the classic girl/girl position with me on top My husband knelt between her legs and I sat up a bit, Nicole was licking me and doing surprisingly well, I grabbed my husbands c*** and guided it in to her and she moaned then went right back to licking me, I sat right up and both me and my husband played with her b**** as she licked me until I started to shake uncontrollably and sat down on her mouth as I came, I rolled off her and found her c*** with my fingers rubbing her as my husband slowly slid in and out of her, She came seconds later and he pulled out of her, Shoved it between her b**** and I squeezed them together, he stroked back and forth as she licked his k*** everytime it poked out then he straddled her face and shoved the tip in her mouth.
I watched her stroke him hard and fast as she swallowed and then he flopped down beside her, We all drifted off to sleep shortly after.
The next morning I woke up to the sound of the shower, My husband and Nicole were both gone and just me and Brian were in bed, I fully expected them to be in there together but shortly after I woke Nicole came out alone, I asked if my husband was in there and she said he was gone when she woke up, We went out to the deck and sat talking I texted my husband and he said he would be right back, I made sure Nicole was ok and she assured me she was more than ok, When my husband returned he brought coffee and walked out to the deck, He leaned in and kissed me and I motioned toward Nicole, He kissed her as well and sat down, he told me he had been up for two hours already.
Me and my husband decided to leave for a bit to let Nicole and Brian have a chance to talk and when we got back me and Nicole left, She told me that when Brian woke up he basically threw her on the couch and f&%$#d her brains out as she put it.
We stayed three more nights and pretty much ravaged each other every night, I have never in my life had so much s** in such a short time but it was a blast, The last night we sat and talked after everyone was exhausted and I made it clear that this was not something we were taking home with us and poor Brian looked a bit upset but agreed, Me and Brian slept in their room that night and my husband said him and Nicole didn't sleep haha, In the morning I rocked Brians world one last time in the shower letting him put what he wanted where he wanted (Sorry, No details on that part) then we all had lunch and flew home, At the airport we all said our goodbyes, passed around kisses which if anyone was watching would have thought we were some kind of weirdos as I had to pretty much peel Nicole off my husband in the middle of basically a make out session but they caught a cab and we jumped in the car to head home.
I would be lying if I said that me and my husband don't talk about it constantly but I am sticking to my guns as far as nothing happening at home, I would be devastated if my kids ever caught us and I think they would as well but we may have to plan more vacations together.

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