A question for mothers with sons.

If your son asked you to have s** with him, would you say yes or no? Please explain your answers.

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  • Good on you...

  • This is probably the most loving thing a mother can do for her son.

  • I was 41 years old I came home drunk at 2AM. My son Bobbie who was 17 at the time helping me change in to my night gown.

    Bobbie, is 6 feet tall, played football and is all muscle.

    I said No, don't put it on me. Look at my body". Which he did. Then I said "Kiss me". He didn't, I pulled him to me and kissed him. Then he kissed back.

    We ended up f****** the rest of the night. His c*** felt perfect in me not to big or to small. And he lasted 20 minutes and came in me.

    It was the first time in my life I came from s**, and not have a guy eat me. It almost felt that his c*** was made to perfectly fit my p****.

    The next morning, we woke up together and kissed for a while. He got hard and I sucked his c***, swallowing his c**.

    We talked about it. We both liked it and want to continue making love.

    It 4 years later and we f*** like crazy most days.

    Last month when I was suppost to start a new monthly cycle of the Pill. Bobbie, begged me to stop taking it. He really wants to get me pregnant. Taking about it his c*** became rock hard.

    I so scared, and so turned on by the idea that I gave into him. And we have been going bareback 2 or 3 times a day with him coming in me.

    I get so wet thinking of my son knocking me up. I never wanted another child until we stated this 4 years ago. I want it from Bobbie.

  • Hopefully you will get pregnant soon! i wish and boBobby all the best for the future.

  • I let my son have s** with me and I think it is ok, no issues at all. Funny thing is we would never kiss though. Has anyone else found this is the case?

  • My daughter came to me at 19, and said she had saved herself for the man she truly loved.

    I taught her about love making slowly, and made her pleasure the focus. She came like crazy.

    It 35 years later and we live as husband and wife. So in love with each other. And lots of s** daily.

  • Congratulations and its you two are happy

  • Our best friends are a nudists family. We watch their kids like friends do for each other. I have no clue what you so called adults see sexually in a child. A bunch of disturbed sick f ucks I tell you!

  • Hi, my son is 21 soon to be 22. This isn't about child abuse and I would never support anything to do with child abuse.

  • What race do you identify as?

  • White

  • Started mine right away, sucking him, taught him to lick my p**** and had him inside me at 10

  • No child abuse on my post. Thank you

  • This happens more than people realize.

  • I believe as long as your careful and it's consensual, I don't see a problem in having s** with your son. I've had s** with my son a few times and its been a really lovely experience.

  • So????
    Did you do it?! Tell us please!!!
    We love to hear from you xxx

  • Yes, we slept together last. I was so nervous! But it was amazing and so intense. We were sitting on the couch and I said to him" by the way your sleeping in my bed tonight". His face was a picture. I feel no regret and I think it was the right thing to do.

  • Thank you for telling us, please say,did he give you oral? That's the ultimate gift you could give him,allowing him to taste your most intimate parts,the same of which he passed!

  • We gave each oral to begin with, just to calm us down. My heart was pounding through my chest.

  • Let us know how it happened and what you did and how he reacted. Dish!

  • Like i said above, it started with oral s** and progressed to full s**. My son was so excited, we nearly forgot to put the condom on! I just hope is happy.

  • Did you like feeling him s**** in your p****?

  • All I'm going say it felt great.

  • Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! PLEASE!! Did it happen? Is he happy now? Are you? Will it happen again? And again?

  • Im naked with my allmost 12 year old son.

  • I would say yes because I feel it is something positive and educational for your son. We need accept that this does happen and isn't always a bad thing. S** is good for mentally and physically.

  • S** isn't always for procreation, so if you use birth control, I think it's ok.

  • No.

  • Why?

  • This is the op. Please don't bring children into this post. Its not a post for pedophiles. Thank you

  • Love too put a bullet in their head,s l hate them.....

  • Having s** with direct relations is a really dumb thing to do.

    There might be a law or two about it regarding the responsibility of the parent. Regardless of your ages. Generally called child abuse.

    Royalty throughout all spans of control would seek to intermarry to restrict diluting the blood line. Wracking up genetics conditions and a really bad syndrome collection.

  • S** between adult family members with protection is acceptable, im my opinion.

  • Incest isn't always cild abuse

  • Live too kill the baterds

  • What about birth control?

  • If he is serious about that, enjoy and give him the best s** ever.

  • I'm tempted, lol

  • Better start them at age 9

  • No children

  • Sucking long before that

  • Personaly i love my preteen sons bald c***

  • Get off this site. You're sick!

  • It sooth's him

  • If you're happy to do it just go for it, life is too short. You might teach him a few things! Lol

  • Update on my bowels, after some beers and the pizza last night....jesus my farts are horrific this morning!!!!

  • How funny it is that the OP is liking HIS own comments!

  • Is it really that hard to believe that someone other than the op likes these comments?

  • True lol

  • Although I'm on a diet right now, as soon as I finish work,I'm gonna go for a dump,then go to Sainsburys and get a Chicago town stuffed crust pizza, a 4 pack of fosters (£3.25,bargain!!!) and come back,sit in my boxers and watch tv.
    Celebrity juice is on tonight at 10,so I'm looking forward to that.
    What's everyone else up to this eve?
    I find this is much more interesting than the pervert OP and his fishing for paedo comments so he can j*******.

  • Why is it perverted?

  • Perverted as you're clearly touting for incest responses. And I don't believe you're a mother.

  • And btw,the fosters had gone up to £3.60, so I got some Coors light for £4,little bit more,but its a very nice beer.
    Got the stuffed crust loaded pepperoni too,yum!

  • I'm not a pedophile and my son is 21. It is a genuine post, so there's no need to be rude.

  • Even tho he's 21,why the F would you want to have s** with him?????!!!!!!! Sick cow!

  • Because I want to make him happy.

  • And we all.want you to die,I guess he must be mentally retarded?
    Anyway,still, fuckoff and die

  • Nothing decent to say? You obviously don't know how to debate anything.

  • He wants to have s** with me. Do you think I should say no? Would it really be that bad if I say yes?

  • No its are normal and i can bet that you will enjoy it

  • Of f****** course you should say no you dirty subhuman POS!!!!

  • Explain why I should say no. I would appreciate the feedback. What if I make him wear a condom? I know there's loads of bs incest on this site but I'm asking for real and I'm interested on constructive opinions. When my son asked me and I said I would consider it. Tell, is it really that harmful? considering he's an adult.

  • Mother and son should be natural

  • If you love him you would let nature take its course if pregnancy is ment to happen then it will , a mother son love is not a typical love its deeper than that and that kind of love should always be natural no barriers

  • It's not awful at all, nor harmful. It can be very loving and very hot, which one doesn't find that often anymore. Please do it if you feel led to it; it would be a waste not to. But please -- PLEASE -- don't allow flimsy and fake "moral standards" to get in your way. Just operate on feel and on physical need and on raw desire. I say go for it every chance that presents itself. If you find the subject difficult to broach with him, I recommend finding some classy mother-son p*** and tell him you want to watch something with him, but don't tell him what it is before it begins to play. My guess is that, once he's watched a few minutes, he'll be ready to nut, and he'll be happy to have your assistance in that endeavor. Then, once you've gotten him off between 7 and 10 times (a hew handies at first, then some BJs, followed by intercourse, and ending with some delicious a***), tell him you want the physical relationship to continue and that you will ALWAYS be the one in charge of it. I think what you're about to embark on will be a joy and will be the best thing in your entire life......and his. Enjoy!

  • Thank you for your reply. I think I'm going have s** with my son.

  • I'm going to tell him I will have s** with him tomorrow. I hope he is sure about what he wants.

  • Was he a good lay?

  • Make sure the house is cleared out, and no one else will come by to interrupt or interfere. Put fresh sheets on your bed (you must use your bed, to make it clear he has the ongoing right to be there), and bathe yourself in some scented soap. Put on a bed outfit that is enticing but not filthy (there'll be time for that another day), and play some soft piano music, either from your collection or an online service. Kiss him softly, and tuck yourself into his arms. Let nature take its course, and never use the word "no" with him. And whatever you do, do NOT use ANY protection. Make it clear to him that you want all of him, including his cream. Enjoy yourselves and report back to us.

  • I'll definitely use a condom, sorry. Got to be sensible about it.

  • You didnt use condom when you conceived him
    let him have the same experience

  • Sensible part is letting it happen

  • Be sensible later. For the first time with your true love, leave it out: it will just spoil the scene and the emotion of it. You can pretend to plan for him to wrap it up, but when the action starts, pretend to lose your self-control and reach down and -- in full view of the kid -- rip it off, saying "I gotta have that nut baby! Mama needs the nut!!" Don't let him talk you out of it: just keep f****** without any protection, and keep saying, "This is how God intended it!! God only approves a nature-f***, and this is how Mama wants it!! Nothing rubber!! Just d*** and c*** and nut and love!!!" Once he's hitting it, you occasionally yell, "Give Mama a baby! Mama wants your baby!" Force him to c** deep.

    Then, tomorrow, go the pharmacy and get a Plan B.....just in case. Never tell him you're going to always Plan B his babies. Let him think you're crazed for his c** and his seed. Because you ARE! Let him believe that his mother is an insane b**** in heat. He WANTS to believe that. He NEEDS to believe it. Let him see it. And keep that thought in your mind: I am a filthy b**** in heat.

  • H*** no have the baby start the cycle all over

  • Hot

  • I take it you don't think I should have s** with my son. Can I ask why?

  • You clearly think I shouldn't have s** with my adult son. Can I ask why?

  • Are you a mother ?

  • Yes

  • It's a big step a bond between mother and son is unique many sons want to have s** with their moms I did very much but each persons circumstance is different

  • Was it a positive experience?

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