Am I be used?

I met this guy a couple months ago and dating him is like dating a married man. He barely has time to see me, communicates only through text and seems embarrassed to be affectionate with me in public.
We have only had s** twice and the second time was kind of a rush job in case his boss/landlord came back and caught us. I'm a 50 year old woman but he won't introduce me because he "likes to keep his private life, private". He is living in this house while remodeling it. He is consumed with work and only takes a few hours off once a week to see a movie with me.
I feel like an insecure, whiny old b**** because I want to see him more than once a week! I am overweight and feel unattractive. He is a lean, attractive man from Trinidad.
None of my relationships have ever been normal. Most guys I ended up with were drunks, druggies or just lazy bums. This guy is none of them, but is a workaholic.
He claims he likes me, but wants to just take it a day at a time and see what happens. Supposedly, his boss is going to go to Florida for the winter, but she isn't making any indications of going yet! If she leaves we can spend a lot more time together.

Nov 4, 2016

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  • Happy to report that I have heard from him and everything is ok. It wasn't me that was the issue. So for the person who left the comment below, go f*** yourself.

  • Your bashing other ppl by calling them drunks and bums yet youre a fat ass hes just embarrassed to be seen with u..

  • Honey, I lived with them and was used and abused with them. You didn't. I think I earned the right to call them whatever I wish. You don't know me or anything about me. So until you don't s*** on a toilet like everyone else, save your nasty comments for yourself. A******...

  • Loose him
    Loose weight
    And you'll easily find somone who will love you and show you affection.

  • Based on what you said -- and how you said it -- it seems likely he's involved with his boss. Perhaps on the sly (due to employment rules), perhaps not, but he seems reeeeeeally focused on her. But whether or not that's true, don't allow yourself to be made to feel like something you aren't: you certainly do not seem like a whiny b****, so don't let him paint you into that corner by default. Be yourself, and if he wants to be with that, wonderful: he needs to make more of a time commitment. Or maybe "commitment" is not a word he can squeeze out of his mouth, so maybe a time "dedication" or whatever. Groundrules are healthy in a relationship; not demands, just some lines. Enjoy him, if he'll permit that; or find someone you CAN enjoy. Life is too short for being an afterthought.

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