Has anyone been on the deep web via Tor?

I kind of want to see whats there but I;ve heard horror stories and it also seems to me that since there are so many crooks on the deep web that you might pick up a virus your Norton can't handle.

One guy on youtube said he spoke to a guy identifying himself as a serial killer and that he choose his victims based on who spoke to him. The guy speaking to him then saw his name address and telephone number appear onscreen.

I definitely don't need that s*** in my life nor do I need to illegal p*** and drugs they are selling either.

Does anyone here use Tor and is there anything worthwhile to be found n the deep web?

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  • It's not a place for amateurs.

  • There is one very important simple rule in Tor.

    Never go to sites that do not interest you. Don't check what is there, leave your curiosity behind.


  • If you are just curious and you don't want anything illegal, STAY AWAY. There is nothing on the deep Web except for things that are illegal in some way, that's *why* it's the deep Web. All you will end up doing is attracting the attention of law enforcement by trying to access something you have no need to access. Also, for people who think tor protects you from being tracked by our government - think again.

  • What you want tho? Assassin, Child p**********, Cocaine, guns? they got everything.

  • I'm just curious. No CP for me or dope either.

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