I love California

It's mid November and I'm laying out by the pool in a speedo getting some sun. I love California.



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  • Not all parts of California are that great. I lived in Sacramento and it sucked.

  • There are worse places though.

  • Fuck California. The weather is great but everything else about that place sucks ass.

  • The girls are hot too. That makes up for a lot.

  • Enjoy yourself! Just remember: you can check out any time you like . . . but you can never leave.

  • True. But who wants to leave? The weather is great and the girls are hot. If it weren't for the horrific taxes this place would be perfect.

  • Tax. Housing price. Traffic. Yes its why I moved out.

  • Being able to be at the pool in a speedo in November makes up for a lot of traffic.

  • Yeah the traffic does suck. I'm reminded of that every time I have to drive down to LA.

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