A lifetime of suffering with ADD

I'm retired at age seventy. Never again will I ever have to work. My problem is this.

I'm stuck with horrible memories of school, work and failed relationships. All because of a disorder call Adult Attention Disorder.

You get fired because people think you are stupid. You make bad grades because of the lack of short-term memory.

It doesn't ever end until you die and then hopefully it does end. H*** for me would be an eternity of this s***.

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  • I was depressed. The marriage f*****. Chicken and egg thing. I went to a personal development workshop.

    The take away was "live in the present".

    You can't do anything about the past. If you are worrying about the past then carefully separate fact (what happened ) from the value judgment you have assigned it.

    So in the case of an abuse voctim the fact might be he raped me. The value judgement might be I'm dirty. You can't change the fact. But the value judgement is not a fact. It's a belief and you can change that. It might be hard but it can be done.

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