Layoffs and survival

I was working for a company that was failing fast. Laws had been made against the Trucking Industry and our services had become obsolete except for one department where I worked. It was unsettling to watch over 100 employees having to leave their job and find work elsewhere but for the time being I was safe.

I had finished my tenth year two years after the layoffs were over. I was vested for ten years which meant that I would receive an annuity at age 65. It was only a bit over two hundred dollars a month but it was at least something.

My turn came and I was laid off myself. I knew it was comming but it still hurt to leave. I had to man up and go though.

Ten years later the exact same thing happened to me. Last to go but eventually out the door I and several other employees went.

Yet anothe job only lasted six years and I was getting too old for this crap. I had trouble finding a new job at age 58 but I did find one with the state.

Seven years later I was toast yet again. I decided to take my social security and hang it up. I was getting the equivalent of one not so great pension.

None of this was fun. I'm very limited in what I can do due to physical handicaps but I always found something to do.

My parents died and I got the house. They left me with about $280,000.00 and I sold the house and moved into a small retirement home. I guess I can die now.

Oct 28

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  • I graduated into the 07 recession and I know what being viewed as disposable feels like. 7 jobs in one year, 5 the next and so on. All financial lay offs, business failing etc. Although at least I was young and healthy i suppose. They all thought I could just move back in with my parents (yeah, right) so that's probably similar to "oh he's about ready to retire anyway" yeahh but what if I don't want to, eh? F*** em' is what I say. Travel, do a hobby or just enjoy. 55 year old women are h**** and depending on your place of residence weed might be legal. Ever try video games? I can hardly wait to be redundant. Enjoy life, man. You earned it

  • Yup, it grinds you up and spits you out.

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