I want my girlfriend to get fat

We've been dating for a few months and she is such a skinny little thing. A little bottom heavy but flat stomach and tiny b******. She always talks about how much she loves food but doesn't give in to her cravings. I wish she would let loose and start to pack on some pounds. I'd love it if she gained 50+ lbs. Make her ass even bigger. Grow a nice pot belly. Maybe even make those a cups expand a bit. I think I'll start cooking more for her and bringing her desserts...

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  • My girlfriend of going on 4 years has always been a thicker girl. I always like the way she look even in the beginning. Having her put on more weight was not my goal. However over the last 3 in a half years since we first hooked up. I peeped that she has gained weight. I saw this from my naked eye just looking at her with her clothes off. I said to my self my sweetie looks like she had gained some weight and I secretly thought she looked just as sexy when she was smaller if not even better. Into the 3rd year she went to the dr to get her yearly check up. She told me her dr said what have you been doing since your were last here, you’ve gained 35lb in a years. I was secretly happy about that. That was about a year ago when she told me. Nevertheless she looks the same as last year. She doesn’t know I like the extra weight on her and if she was to gain more weight I would still love her. Because I know she will still be beautiful. I kinda have an idea that she knows I like the weight on her, because I never said she need to loose weight. I tend to just go along with it and plus I still touch her with no problems. It’s no problem with me if she packs on more weight.

  • If you don't want her..... I do!!
    Will trade... I'll take your "skinny little thing" any day.
    Either way, I'm sure that you will have your wish, even if it isn't with who you're with. Much easier to find what you're looking for. Best luck to you.

  • I have always had a dream of marrying a beautiful girl with a fabulous hourglass figure only to have her get fat. So on our honeymoon I asked my bride to let herself go and get fat for me. I lucked out. She told me she had always had a tendency to put on weight and hated all the dieting and exercising she had to do to maintain her figure. She said she would love to put on weight for me and she did just that. She stopped doing sports and began eating anything she desired, especially high calorie carbs. Despite that it took her nearly 30 years to gain 100 pounds. Her two pregnancies helped a lot: she gained 30 pounds with each and I made sure she never lost any of that weight. And as she gained weight, I also made sure to tell her how gorgeous and sexy she is.
    My dad once warned me: be careful what you wish for, as you might get your wish. Well, I finally got my wish and couldn't be happier with the results. I like to think she still has her fabulous hourglass figure, but thankfully, it is now permanently buried under luscious layers and rolls of beautiful fat. I can hardly keep my hands off her. She is so fat and sexy!

  • Mate, if you want your girlfriend to put on weight, the best thing you can do is be honest and tell her that. She might resist giving into her cravings because she thinks you wouldn't find her attractive if you gained weight- learning that you'd actually be even more into her than you already are might be the insentive she needs to stop monitoring what she eats and start enjoying food. If you're up-front about it but don't pressure her, it could be a really great experience for both of you.

  • Make sure it's quality foods. You are literally what you eat. No artificial flavors, dyes, or peservatives

  • How has this gone so far?
    Don't forget if you can get her to drink her calories she'll gain quicker. So try to get her to drink soda instead of water. Milkshakes are even better, you can add cream, ice cream, cookie dough, and even weight gain powder to one of those.
    Great way to add calories without it seemingly like she's pigging out.

  • I got my wife fat by slowly getting her to eat more and more carbs. Think Italian food, especially pasta or risotto. Over the years, my wife went from an attractive 180 to a gorgeous 260 and now she doesn't care and keeps growing. Good luck!

  • Nice work! I bet those 80 lbs make quite an impact. This girl is about 135 lbs at the moment. Hoping dinners/desserts/happy hours are going to do the trick. Of course pizza and movies is a nice way to chub her up too! I definitely like your pasta idea also. Some of those heavy cream/cheese pastas will definitely add a few pounds!

  • Grossss

  • We always want what we don't currently have.

  • If she talks about food yet does not eat it she might have an eating disorder

  • I restrict what my wife eats. I make her weigh herself every day she plot her weight on a chart. If she gains weight then she has to take off clothes and reweigh herself until she weighs the correct amount and then leave those clothes off until we go to bed.

  • You're an a****** who's probably Well overweight himself

  • You are correct. I don't have the same will power I demand of her. Not over weight but heavier than I would like to be. The important thing about being the HOH is to exercise power and control and this reinforces that.

  • Ahahaha fck off

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