I love to wear ladies lingerie especially white lace panties and black lace stockings ....there it out at last ...took me 40yrs lol ....I feel good about it for the first time ...

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  • As a boy I enjoyed wearing girls tights. I used to wear them under my long pants in winter. At one stage when I was 14 I bought a leotard. My mom found it and washed it. It sure needed it because I'd orgasmed in it a few times. She just put it in my underwear draw. I was mortified and she just smiled and said something about it was ok and gave me a hug. I never felt bad. I knew it was not socially acceptable but I also figured there must be others.

    Till I got married. Regret to this day raising the topic with my wife. I now know not to talk about feelings with her.

    I so wish for somone that I could chat and share with. It's a lonely judgemental world out there.

    Glad to hear the OP has spoken here.

  • Need some advice if u have a minute

  • Hi the wall question ..where can I get estrogen ?

  • Try a store where they sell feminine products such as Midol or others that contain estrogen

  • Hey ,you are not the only one who has been there. I continue to be aroused by the phenomenon. I don't feel guilty about it and I will continue to do this. The feeling of the tactile sensation of the silks, the satiny smooth enjoyable liking is not for just females.

  • I still feel guilty sometimes.. But not guilty enough to stop me..its the first time I've lived alone and been able to dress how I want.. Until I found this site I thought I was a one off lol

  • Always available to chat .. like minded people are rare :)

  • How young when you first thought about it?

    For me it was well before puberty. Probably about 6. I was a mouse in school play and mom bought me brown tights as part of my costume.

  • I think I was about the same age ...I remember always being fascinated with panties .stockings and little black dresses cousin a girl was 5 yrs older than me ..I remember going through herpantie draw when I was 8 or 9 ..she had all the kinky stuff like crotchless knickers and peephole bras ....I used to go to the loo all the time on visits ..dress and m********* every visit ...they never said anything but I think they knew....sorry I'm banging on a bit ..never spoke about it before

  • I too have been crossdressing for many years. It started when I was about 12 just wearing panties. I have a cousin (female) who is my age and she and her mom (our moms are sisters) live across the hall from my mom and me. Every once in a while I would sneak into her bedroom and steal her panties, bras and wear them. I then when I was about 16 started wearing her clothes, blouses, skirts etc. One day she caught me dressed in her clothes and told both her mom and mine. The three of them decided that I should have my own girls clothes and so they took me shopping and bought me bras, panties, tights, skirts, dresses and blouses. They even called me by a girls name. I still crossdreess today and very happy about it

  • Sometimes the 'naughtyness' of it adds to the arousal.

  • Hard to know if 'they' knew I reckon. You know you hear stories where one partner has an affair and the other partner will say they had no idea. You know so even though it was going on and seemed obvious. sometimes people just don't see what's right in front. I'm suprised a 14yo would have crotchless panties but there you go.

  • Btw I don't do it just to m********* any more ..I just feel so good when wearing ..spent too long trying to fight it tbh ...but u can't live in denial..I'm happy witth it now ..ath the moment I'm watching TV in a pink cami .black lace panties....and it just feels normal lol

  • It's relaxing isn't it. I know that at times I would enjoy the feel and m********* but many times it was just comforting to be wearing.

  • Feels more comfortable to dress girly than manly ...don't think I'll ever have the bottle to fully dress up and go out's a private thing ..for now

  • I bet it is so good to get it out, don't worry about the negative comments I am a straight male and for years have just loved wearing female lingerie with the consent of my wife, originally I wore sexy panties with matching bras and nighties then moved onto heels, suspenders and stockings for the last 2 years my wife sometimes makes me up and puts on a wig it feels so good, some of her friends have seen me dressed, made up and think it is cute, keep it up buddy

  • I wholly agree with you and your personal rights to be able to do as you damn.well please.

  • Wow ..thanks for the positive response..I got some negative mind u ..I did think I was a one off freak tbh .. starting to love myself and dress in what makes me feel good ..I am straight like u .never tried to share it with a partner in case they laughed I suppose ..I'm glad I posted and it feels good to be one of many ..just stepped out and ordered a maid costume for evening wear . I love it .

  • Really happy for you buddy, you will be fine

  • The secrets we carry. The burdens we bear. The love we crave.

    Me 2.

  • Aww sweetheart wear whatever makes you feel good. You are hurting nothing. You are NOT a pervert or deviant. Let's reserve those words for those that actually hurt people. You're kinky and open minded, and normal. Enjoy your sexy lingerie. I bet you look totally sexy in it. <3

  • Oh, f*** off. You are what is wrong with this world.

  • Are you a woman?

  • Yes lol

  • You think you deserve some medal for being a pervert? Think again.

  • ^ TOTALLY ^

  • No ...I am a man ...

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