My horrible dream

I had a dream I shot a bunch of ordinary people, over 20, and then nothing was done even I wanted to be punished. Everyone knew but no one did anything. I kept saying this can't be real, the people in my dream said, oh it's real. To wake up from that dream might be one of the best feelings in the world. I think it's going to change my life.

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  • Can we trade dreams? I'll take yours, and you can have the one that wakes me up screaming several times a week. Yours sounds like heaven, living as we do in a world with way too many human cockroaches.

  • I had a similar dream. But i didnt wake up from it. I was special forces in Afghahanistan They deserved it.

  • They deserved it? what did they to you?

  • Do ^you^ not understand war? It's not a bar fight. It's not personal. The bad guys didn't "do" anything "to him". That isn't how it works. Those guys we send out in fatigues don't sit in a café or walk down the street waiting for the a******* to do something awful: those guys we send out in fatigues go kill the a******* before they have the chance to do something awful (or actually while the a******* are trying to do something awful). If people like you were running this country, WE would be the turban-wearing shitsacks living in a shithole spending our nights making bombs and spending our days blowing them up to kill innocent civilians because we thought that's what Allah was telling us to do. So, yeah.........."they deserved it". AND YOU KNOW THAT.

  • I think someone is feeling a little angry today.

  • No, d******, someone was feeling a little truthful!
    God, why do people try to dismiss real talk with insecure little cries of "ooh, so angry"? You just come off sounding pathetic and frightened of life. Your attempt to discredit ends up discrediting YOU. Grow the f*** up.

  • You have NO idea.

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