Crossdresser finally bought a corset from a shop.

I’ve had a fetish for old fashioned girdles and corselettes since I first saw my grandma’s underwear drying on her washing line when I was very young.
Before the internet it was difficult to buy stuff, especially as I was living with my girlfriend who would certainly want to know what was in any package that was delivered!
I had a small stash of lingerie that I’d regularly wear under my work clothes when I was a sales rep and also wear some of my girlfriend’s lingerie too.
Whenever I was in Stoke-on-Trent, I was fascinated by a shop that sold exclusively the sort of old fashioned underwear that I loved and there were girdles and corselettes in the window on display.
I’d psyched myself up so many times to go in there but every time chickened out but on one day I plucked up the courage.
I was wearing my girlfriend’s black lace stockings pulled up really high and my six strap Rago deep lace suspender belt and white lace ** under my suit all day and a flimsy white lace bra that couldn’t be seen underneath my suit jacket so I was incredibly turned on as I walked towards the shop, suspenders tugging at every step.
I walked past the first time but turned around, headed back and opened the door with purpose.
To my horror the elderly shop owner had a friend in that she was chatting to.
I was past the point of no return so I said I was looking to buy a corselette for my girlfriend.
She looked a little confused and asked what style or type I wanted.
My heart was racing at the excitement at putting myself into this predicament.
She put two boxes on the counter, I immediately pointed to the Rago six strap corselette and said “that one please”. She then asked what size my girlfriend was. I’d not even considered that question so I said that I didn’t know. To fill the silence I said that she’s about the same size as me. She looked very uncomfortable and handed me a 36C which I paid for and left quickly.
I headed home immediately and arrived there an hour before my girlfriend finished work so stripped off immediately.
Feeling my fantasy underwear tightly gripping me was amazing. I added a pair of my girlfriend’s white ** and a pair of her sheer stockings.
I really didn’t want to get undressed when my girlfriend came home but I reluctantly did.
In the months to follow, the weather was awful so I used to wear my corselette, stockings and ** under a thick jacket to all my appointments.
Extremely risky but if I was feeling daring I’d wear fishnet stockings and no socks under my suit and once in a meeting, pull my trousers up under the desk to expose my stockings. Usually afterwards I’d find a secluded country lane, strip off and have amazing ** at the feeling of the wind blowing through my lingerie.

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  • Don't be deterred. There are so many seemingly straight married men out there that experimented in their youth with sucking or playing with a friends **. I know, I was one and now as a mature man would love to meet a sexily dressed sissy to have ** with.

  • I bet you look very ** in your lingerie.

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