Talk to me

In simple language..
I am tired of decoding.
Deciphering riddles
Unraveling codes
Enigmas and puzzles
Extracting secrets
Synchronizing tunes
Translating and decoding
Your heart's encryption.
Do me a favor
Speak to me
In language that is simple to understand
And that takes me only to You not familiarity

Nov 19, 2016

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  • *swoops in dramatically*
    I'm just so so tired
    Of unclear communication
    That I felt the need
    To turn it into $hit "poetry"
    Because I'm a roaring hypocrite
    Who is much more concerned
    About being dramatic
    Than what I claimed I was so "tired" of
    Don't judge me, haters
    I'm a melodramatic little twit
    But I hate being called on it
    *swoops out dramatically*

  • Ok. Ask a straight forward question and hopefully, you'll get a forward answer:)

  • Times up for a Rapid fire round.

  • Don't be fooled by the glitter
    suspended above the ceaseless river
    Inside chalkboard explanations
    love will abide

  • I understand all that glitters are not gold
    Even if I take steps bold
    Still there won't be anything to hold
    I just get it off my chest
    Previously Used to live it for the rest
    Expectations were there before
    Now I adjust as per my inner core.
    May be one day this will end
    Till then let me walk till that bend...

  • "All that glitters, is not gold"
    From "Merchant of Venice"

  • Why don't YOU do something... Stop waiting for someone else to start your life!!!

  • This sounds like something I could have wrote. I miss my person, quite terribly.

  • So you keep saying on other people's posts. Shut up.

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