No such thing as white privilege

I'm so f****** tired of hearing about white privilege. Everyone says "it's such a simple concept, why can't you understand it". Well, because privilege is not simple; it's very complex. Simple concepts are for simpletons. Forgive my white education for making me think things through rather than just accepting s*** because it feels f****** good and I'm able to let everyone know how virtuous I am. F*** that s***. Look, I am one of the more privileged ones. Not because I'm white, but in part because I'm white. I also grew up in a middle class home, went to a decent school, both parents raised me, and I don't have any major disabilities. All of that crap together gives me privilege RELATIVE to others - not absolutely. Will f****** Smith is far more privileged than I am because of his relative position to me in most situations.
I'd love to hear some urbanite from Black Lives Matter march into some poor, "redneck" trailer park and explain to them how privileged they are. That won't happen because it would take a spine and the ability to understand complex social relations.
Also, I won't apologize for appropriating cultures. Why? Because that's my f****** culture. Appropriate what is best, throw away the rest.

May 18, 2017

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  • Why is it that it's ok for some groups to stereotype and be racist, but not others. If someone said "well women are this way...." Or "blacks act like....." or "Mexicans are......." Then people would be shouting stereotype and racism, but it's ok for those same people to say "whites have white privilege". Why the double standards?

  • I'll believe white privilege exists when the government cuts all minorities off of welfare and food stamps, and I start getting free s*** out of nowhere for being white and suddenly my life is paved with riches and splendor because I'm white.

    White privilege has always been a myth. A liberal, left-wing myth, designed to rile up all the utterly idiotic and easily brainwashed minorities into hating white people and becoming the GOOD DUMB GOYIM serving their liberal communist masters. I have zero respect for idiots who believe white privilege is real and we should all be sorry because we were born white.

    F*** you all. H*** was made for pieces of bigoted trash like you.

  • Privilege is a lot different than "cutting all minorities off of welfare and food stamps, getting free things out of nowhere for being white, and white lives being paved with riches and splendor."

  • Ordinarily I'd "heart" a comment with this sentiment... but not yours, Chuck. While ITA with OP and your general opinion, I am so very over the habitual "oooh, those eebil librul comm-you-nitz" mooing. Yeah, I lean leftish (to fools like you, anyone who doesn't worship at the Fox News altar is a "liberal") and have Jewish friends, but I'm not a registered Democrat and wouldn't touch communism with a ten-foot cattle prod even if I were.

    But you can't hear any of that, can you? Besides, you're probably wrestling with a confused b**** right now because some anonymous commentator agreed with you while not being a fellow alt-right fucktard.

    That's how real life works, dumbass. It's not all one way or all another. At least, not if you have any sense in that pointy greasy excuse for a head!

  • In my opinion the intentions of the black lives matter movement is to reach out to the ones who are privileged with the ability to modify the complex social workings of the society and adjust the thinking and decision making process of individuals who's actions within his or her duty can cause the death of a person. look at a so called self praising individual who states " I am one of the more privileged ones " and then continues with statements that may or may not be contradictory like Not because I'm white, but in part because I am white rambles on as if the evening is still young and the privilege anonymous confessor is steadily sipping yet the 3rd or even 4th tall glass of the finest spirits thus allowing the alcoholic beverage to curtail the white education making way for the double curse three word sentence. The good ole bar talk or run up to a pity pot F that S and F'ing a man's name Will Smith lack of respect. Finally F'ing your own culture. I hope the blame is to the heavy handed shots poured into your cocktail glass. Your all over the place it sounds cool upon a glance read but upon a further review your White Privilege at this point is moot. Your appropriating culture i'd say depends on the brand of spirits your heavy hand is pouring into your cocktails. ENJOY.

  • No its a wonderful privilege to not have cops just pull guns on you and throw you out of your car for what "speeding" as they say. And its really great when they just search your car cause being hispanic or black constitutes probable cause these days. Its a nice privilege where people don't freak out and discretly pretend there car is in another lane in the parking lot at night(Probably not white peoples fault though). And Its a nice to not have to send your kids to the nasties school district in the city(I guess not their fault either since schools are funded based on the land value of the area around them). Long story short its not really white peoples fault they have their privilege as they simply don't really have the stigma and problem of violence and crime following them around but they do have an easier time in life because of it. It just sucks as members of my community tried to car jack me and I had to defend my self. But since I'm not white I have a detective on my ass so god danm convinced its my fault I got car jacked and since the other party fled the scene I'm the only one left worth investigating as he tries to find some way to stick a charge on my non white privileged ass.

  • Here in Vallejo ca. I see many black cops here to and dose that mean they are also racists .
    The slum areas are where most crimes originate and just as many if not more white people are shot by police than black it is the News Media that makes it seam out of proportion because racism sells better that non racism.

  • Yeah well if cops suck and there's police brutality, then why don't You all fight against all corrupt cops? The problem is blacks make everything racial. Police brutality is police brutality. No matter color of skin. Stop fighting against only white cop brutality and fight against all cop brutality. Then you will see a h*** of a lot more people standing behind you. And before you respond with something stupid like black cops don't do police brutality or cops don't do that to whites, please read a f****** news paper.

  • I thought an individual is a person first and utmost. Being any race, doesn't define a person's nature and predetermine what sort of person they're going to be.

    So when you state, "The problem is black's make everything racial" it highlights your racial ignorance. Do you know every since individual who is black on earth? I think not! So how can you state "the blacks" make everything racial?

    Do you not believe everyone is an individual and have individualistic preferences, views, morals, goals and values etc? Regardless of their race? Are you not an individual, a person first, regardless of your race?

  • I stand corrected, let me rephrase that. Lots of blacks make everything racial. I know plenty of black people who don't make things racial.

  • I'm hispanic not black. Its not really police brutality I'm fighting against. Its this contemptious attitude the police are taking against my entire community when its the one in ten they should be dealing with. And I didn't say its black cops. With the exception of the detective I have up my ass right now (White) the other police were hispanic. Don't get me wrong they will f*** with poor white people in my community too but white people by the numbers don't live here. I'm not asking you to stand behind me. I'm just saying its nieve to think these problems are equally spread across all communities when its clear my community lives in a lawless zone where even the cops feel as bad as the criminals they refuse to do anything about. I will bet good money the police don't play nearly as bad as an advaserial role in your community.

  • You have no idea where I live. And if you don't want to fight for all right, then you will stand alone. And a country divided is a country defeated. That's the part you all don't understand. So you go on and stand by yourself, let me know how that works out for ya.

  • >>"And a country divided is a country defeated."

    Truth right there. And by that metric, the US is done. If it isn't race, it's political ideology or gender or any one of a thousand different ways we can cry "It's the other group's fault!"

    "United" States, my bouncy pink a$$!

  • Well said :)

  • It is just an excuse for not experiencing success.

  • Anyone ever notice that you can look at someone and not see their skin color until they cry racism. Once they cry, their true color is revealed! Guess it doesn't matter what color you are. If you're an a******, then you're an a******!

  • Damn straight! :)

  • Yeah, didn't you all know we get a "I'm white check" once a month in the mail.

  • You know nothing!

  • I know that's how stupid people sound when they say white privilege.

  • You still know nothing!

  • Just like you

  • Acceptance is the key :)

  • Take a good hard look in the mirror before getting on your soap box. "Acceptance" means also hearing those whose experiences don't necessarily fit your curated little narrative, and you are going to be hearing from those people more and more because we are sick of being ignored.

  • Just like your momma accepting my c*** in her ass lastnight.

  • You mean your mother? Why disrespect your mother like that, back talking s*** about her? I bet she's so proud, of the person you've turned into!

  • No, but your momma was proud to have my c*** in her mouth last night.

  • Stop trash talking your mother!

  • YES THERE IS! Because you're white, you can have an easier time getting a job. Your life isn't in danger because of a white supremacist president. You can get paid more. There are no racial slurs against you. You can't be killed by a cop due to having the wrong color of skin. People think black people are stupid, but you're just proving that white people are just as stupid.

  • No there is not, it's all in your f****** head. If I don't do what the cops tell me and I go for their gun. Guess what? I get my ass shot just the same. Stop f****** crying about what you thing you are owed.

  • I used to think like you till I experienced it myself. I thought the police were my friends. We want the cops to be our friends but they are adversarial and dismissive of our community in general. I know cops cops can have a positive role in a community I've seen it in white suburbs but down here they just assume were all guilty. Its not in our heads we see it all the time. I don't support the black lives matter bullshit at all as thats completly counter productive to fixing the relationship with law enforcement but danm can the cops at least let us explain our story before they throw us in cuffs and slam us into their cars. Its like for some reason thats considered acceptable. its only like 12 % of our community commiting those crimes not all of us. I have a clean record stop cussing at me and stop assuming I'm armed and pointing guns at me. You white folks don't have to deal with this s*** so of course you think it doesn't exist.

  • We don't? LOL!! Try coming to my town sometime, where the cops aren't good for anything besides hassling homeless people and being free range bullies with badges. I am white and have a clean record; I've been yelled at, harassed, and threatened by cops while walking down the street, making a U-turn, dangerous things like that.

    To paraphrase another commentator, until you know every single white person on the planet, don't ASSume "you white folks" are all enjoying the same elevated existence you professional victims think we are. A blanket statement like that is RACIST.

  • Beyond stupid!

  • To be honest, you have a point.

    But in reality, the probabilities of black people getting shot and killed by the police for no probable causes - depending on which backward state a person resides - are higher than any other racial groups.

    To those that reside in a disadvantaged state, social environment, home life and school educational system - may have more understanding of low socio-economic statuses and differences between the privileged and less privileged.

    We should walk a mile in someone else's shoes, before we're quick to discredit a person's opinion and perspectives - that were and are derived from experiences,
    we may or may not have first hand experience of. It's always easy for those that don't understand anything, to reinforce oblivious ignorance.

  • It all comes down to respect. Most of the people that live in those poor areas are disrespectful to everyone, including the people that live there. That is why crime is so high in those areas. Doesn't matter the skin color, if you act like a thug, you'll be treated like one. Nomater who's on the other side of the gun.

  • Those disrespectful people in our communities your reffering to don't respect us either. We are getting robed and threatened just as much as you. The difference is we can't really call the police (I've tried) as all they do is passive aggresivly state "We'll we didn't see it and even if you have witnesses its your word against theirs so were out". They then proceed to run warrent searches on us and check us for drugs for some reason even though we're the victims then leave as they can't charge us for anything. Its no wonder our community has stopped calling the police. And those same criminals knowing the police are unwilling to help us escolate their crimes as they feel untouchable, and then start harassing us for "snitching" on them. I my self had to buy a gun which further feeds the stereo type that my community is dangours because we live in a zone with unwilling law enforcement. Were in the wild west out here because the cops are letting criminals get away with murder practicly. These criminals have warrents that Law enforcement is unwilling to act on unless they commit a crime right in front of the police.

    My point is 12.5 % of our community are thugs. IE 1 to 10 houses out here has a gangbanger or drug dealer living in it and they walk the streets with impunity. The cops know who they are but I'm convinced they don't care as long as the violence stays in our community and doesn't spill out to more "privileged" areas. The problem is I'm not a criminal I have a clean record and I was forced to return fire on those punks that tried to car jack me. But now I have to not only worry about those 2 idiots that attacked me but the police as well. They coulden't charge me cause it was self defense but they clearly don't like me now. At least those 2 idiots know I want hesitate to kill them if they threaten me and for now are staying away but I can still see watching me looking for an oppertunity to attack me. The police still haraess me.

  • How do you know, most of the people residing in disadvantaged areas are disrespectful? Do you know them?
    It's easy for some individuals to make snap judgements and presumptions about people, when they know nothing about them.

    Your ignorance isn't surprising.

  • Because i grew up in one of those f****** areas and saw the bullshit that everyone pulled every f****** day. I watched my best friend get gunned down on the street because some fucktard thought he disrespected him. So don't sit there and assume you f****** know where I come from. Because you know s*** about who I am and where I've been. You ignorant f***!

  • You've assumed wrong and misconstrued my comment in parts. I asked you two questions in my previous comment .

    The only statements I made was in my last paragraph, in my previous comment and so forth - I stand by it.

    There are numerous societies, disadvantaged areas and differing social environments on earth. Just because you resided in ONE disadvantaged area, doesn't mean you know the social dynamics and social science behind EVERY disadvantaged area all over the world!

    And, you still don't know every person in your state, apart from a selected few you interact with and know of. How could you? What are the numerical statistics of individuals residing in the state you live in? It's impossible to know everyone in the state you live in lol

    So I state again, "how do you know every person in your state is disrespectful?
    Maybe the individuals you socialise with are or family members. If thats true, they don't account for the majority of individuals who reside in the state or county you live in.

    I've experienced tragedy first hand similar to yours, but I don't let those experiences dictate my thoughts and how I perceive the world. The world is bigger than that and so are individuals.

    Perhaps reword your confession to "the culture in my particular environment appears to lack respect towards each other"

    You're accurate about one thing, I don't know anything about you - I didn't state I did. To be honest, you and I would never associate with each other, if the opportunity was there. I think you would agree :)

    Sorry for you loss regarding your bestfriend, that's truly tragic.

  • And like I've said. I've taken gunfire from these punks too. But I know its like only 1 and 10 in our community that do this. Stop acting like the rest of us 9 in 10 are disrespecting you.

  • 1 in 10? You must be from a better area than I grew up in. You must be privileged?

  • You know its a low number that commits crimes. Our entire city only had 167 murders last year and the community where most of it happened is only around 230,000 people. Stop acting like you grew up in somalia you white priviledged f***.

  • Again you assume s*** you have no f****** clue about me. Who said I was white you racist m**********. Why don't you stuff a d*** in your mouth and shut the f*** up you ball sucking b****.

  • Your the one making the assumption EVERY one in these communities is disrespectful.

  • Shut the f*** up. You probably grew up in a middle class family where you think everyone is good and you can solve the world problems with f****** love. You're probably all of 20 years old and still live in mommy and daddy's basement playing video games and j********** to p*** all day until mommy calls you up for dinner.
    Try living in the system because your mom's a crack w**** and no one has a clue who the f*** your old man is. Only to have your w**** of a mom show up one day and take you home like your gonna be a family again. Only guess what, she's still a w**** and her new boyfriend beats the f*** out of ya because you simply asked who he was. Oh, and did I mention that I was all of 8 f****** years old by that time. So don't tell me s*** like you f****** know.

  • You've assumed wrong again. You're clearly have issues and full of ignorance! You aren't worth the time and effort, because you're completely degenerate!

  • Different commentator, to the one you think it is :)

  • ^ so white people created twerking, cornrows, ear stretchers, 'festival bindis', dreadlocks and hip hop music... interesting..

  • There's no such as cultural appropriation?!?? Culture was yours to begin with??Are you f****** mad! So you think ear stretchers just originated from western society instead of being an African cultural practice?? Please educate yourself!!

  • The observation of white privilege isn't just isolated to the African American community. We of the Hispanic/Latin American community are seeing it as well.

  • You can't say that you don't have white privilege and then state that you're privileged 'partly because I'm white'. It's all about acknowledging that you're more exposed to opportunities than an average ethnic minority or homosexual person. For this reason white straight males have a higher societal privilege than white straight women, and white homosexual people. It's a fact whether you like it or not, denying it makes you f****** ignorant. I'm black and middle class with a high level of education - do I consider myself disprivilaged? Absolutely not, I just know that the doors open to me are restricted because 1) I am a woman and b) I am black. Thus it doesn't matter that I have a s*** load experience, a degree and masters in psychology, employers will always look at those two factors when deciding between myself and a white counterpart. I was born and grew up in Poland and I can confirm the white privilage is alive and well. My white boyfriend found it hard to accept his white privilage in society but when I explained this to him he finally got that doors and opportunities are more likely to be open to him as a young white male. Deal with it you wetwipe

  • Give me a break! if you are as you say you are , a black woman with a masters degree you know damn well you move to the head of the hiring line. Any minority or woman, if they put forth any effort will be hired faster than a white male today based solely on the fact of their s** or minority status . Companies base everything on their image are so afraid of being looked at as racist or bigoted in any way they no longer even look at experience just what box you fit into. By the way , the phrase "white privilege" is racist in itself. It negates all the accomplishments a person has achieved based solely on the fact that person is white. It doesn't matter how much they sacrificed , how hard they worked and struggled to achieve their goals without help from anyone. If they weren't white it wouldn't have happened right?. That's the same as people saying if it wasn't for affirmative action, you as a black woman never would have accomplished the things you have.

  • She may eventually get hired but its most likely going to be for less and she also has a stiff glass ceiling to push through. In my town being over 65% hispanic doesn't see that same percentage in the mid to higher end of the work force. For example in the IT shop I work in your kinda have to go out of your way to find that one or two black folks. We do have one black girl that came from the UK but no native black females.

    White privilege exists. It is not really your fault I acknowledge that. I'm convinced lack of equal education and law enforcement is whats causing the social economic divide that people are referring to as "White privilege". Its not your fault your privileged no more. We are not blaming you for it, but we know its their cause we see it.

  • That person is foolish, that you're referring to. Their ignorance is astounding and unjustifiable.

    I doubt that person will acknowledge your opinion and personal perspectives, or try to understand it.

    Some people aren't open to understanding, different perspectives and alternative outcomes, to different situations and subject matters. They've stopped learning and become stuck in their own ignorance, prefering to live that way. But once that happens, a person becomes fully stupid.

  • Are you kidding me? Did you ever think that maybe you're not getting opportunities because of your attitude? I'm black and educated, and I don't have any problems moving along the corporate ladder. But then again, I also work just as hard as the next guy and don't feel like anyone owes me anything. Get over your attitude and maybe more opportunities will come you way.

  • We'll said :)

  • Totally agree with you. There are lots of kinds of "privilege," to include privileges of gender, class, wealth, occupation, fame, really too many others to list. Most of the people who yell at white people for being privileged are condensing the net effect of all the privileges in a given person's life and blaming it on their race. There are homeless white people on the street. Where is their privilege? It's not like they send you a check for being white. The "white privilege" crowd needs to be reminded that the "privileged" people they are yelling at are just trying to provide for their family like everyone else.

  • ^YES!

  • Ironicly more white people are on welfare then black people. But thats cause the sheer number of whites in the country vs blacks. Still doesn't help your case though.

  • The op is a fool.

  • Idiot!!!!!!

  • If you question 'white privilege' den you RAYCISS!!!

    White privilege is absolute. If you born wif white skin, den you automatically RAYCISS no matter what!!!

    If you white, den you can never hope to be anything but RAYCISS!!! All you can do is roll over, play dead, an' pay reparations!!!

  • Can you spell though?

  • Sure, when I'm not speaking "Entitled R***** Ghetto" or any of its dialects. Can a hood rat speak actual English? It's a fair question.

  • I wouldnt be surprised if it was a white guy that made this comment^

  • Wouldn't you?

  • What grade did you make it to in school before you dropped out?

  • Perhaps he was expelled, before he had the chance to drop out.

  • Did you say 'education' as if you had one?

  • Did you state "education?" As if you have one.

  • The question mark actually goes outside the quotation marks. If you're going to correct someone's grammar, at least do it correctly.

  • It doesn't in the Country I reside!
    You presumptuous and inaccurate fool!

  • Maybe you should Google it. When used in the context that you used, the question mark goes outside, genius. Thats in any country using the English language. Now shut up before you make yourself sound even more stupid.

  • Actually, you're wrong!

  • Actually, they're right

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