No such thing as white privilege

I'm so f****** tired of hearing about white privilege. Everyone says "it's such a simple concept, why can't you understand it". Well, because privilege is not simple; it's very complex. Simple concepts are for simpletons. Forgive my white education for making me think things through rather than just accepting s*** because it feels f****** good and I'm able to let everyone know how virtuous I am. F*** that s***. Look, I am one of the more privileged ones. Not because I'm white, but in part because I'm white. I also grew up in a middle class home, went to a decent school, both parents raised me, and I don't have any major disabilities. All of that crap together gives me privilege RELATIVE to others - not absolutely. Will f****** Smith is far more privileged than I am because of his relative position to me in most situations.
I'd love to hear some urbanite from Black Lives Matter march into some poor, "redneck" trailer park and explain to them how privileged they are. That won't happen because it would take a spine and the ability to understand complex social relations.
Also, I won't apologize for appropriating cultures. Why? Because that's my f****** culture. Appropriate what is best, throw away the rest.

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  • Anyone ever notice that you can look at someone and not see their skin color until they cry racism. Once they cry, their true color is revealed! Guess it doesn't matter what color you are. If you're an a******, then you're an a******!

  • Damn straight! :)

  • Yeah, didn't you all know we get a "I'm white check" once a month in the mail.

  • You know nothing!

  • YES THERE IS! Because you're white, you can have an easier time getting a job. Your life isn't in danger because of a white supremacist president. You can get paid more. There are no racial slurs against you. You can't be killed by a cop due to having the wrong color of skin. People think black people are stupid, but you're just proving that white people are just as stupid.

  • No there is not, it's all in your f****** head. If I don't do what the cops tell me and I go for their gun. Guess what? I get my ass shot just the same. Stop f****** crying about what you thing you are owed.

  • Beyond stupid!

  • To be honest, you have a point.

    But in reality, the probabilities of black people getting shot and killed by the police for no probable causes - depending on which backward state a person resides - are higher than any other racial groups.

    To those that reside in a disadvantaged state, social environment, home life and school educational system - may have more understanding of low socio-economic statuses and differences between the privileged and less privileged.

    We should walk a mile in someone else's shoes, before we're quick to discredit a person's opinion and perspectives - that were and are derived from experiences,
    we may or may not have first hand experience of. It's always easy for those that don't understand anything, to reinforce oblivious ignorance.

  • It all comes down to respect. Most of the people that live in those poor areas are disrespectful to everyone, including the people that live there. That is why crime is so high in those areas. Doesn't matter the skin color, if you act like a thug, you'll be treated like one. Nomater who's on the other side of the gun.

  • ^ so white people created twerking, cornrows, ear stretchers, 'festival bindis', dreadlocks and hip hop music... interesting..

  • There's no such as cultural appropriation?!?? Culture was yours to begin with??Are you f****** mad! So you think ear stretchers just originated from western society instead of being an African cultural practice?? Please educate yourself!!

  • You can't say that you don't have white privilege and then state that you're privileged 'partly because I'm white'. It's all about acknowledging that you're more exposed to opportunities than an average ethnic minority or homosexual person. For this reason white straight males have a higher societal privilege than white straight women, and white homosexual people. It's a fact whether you like it or not, denying it makes you f****** ignorant. I'm black and middle class with a high level of education - do I consider myself disprivilaged? Absolutely not, I just know that the doors open to me are restricted because 1) I am a woman and b) I am black. Thus it doesn't matter that I have a s*** load experience, a degree and masters in psychology, employers will always look at those two factors when deciding between myself and a white counterpart. I was born and grew up in Poland and I can confirm the white privilage is alive and well. My white boyfriend found it hard to accept his white privilage in society but when I explained this to him he finally got that doors and opportunities are more likely to be open to him as a young white male. Deal with it you wetwipe

  • Give me a break! if you are as you say you are , a black woman with a masters degree you know damn well you move to the head of the hiring line. Any minority or woman, if they put forth any effort will be hired faster than a white male today based solely on the fact of their s** or minority status . Companies base everything on their image are so afraid of being looked at as racist or bigoted in any way they no longer even look at experience just what box you fit into. By the way , the phrase "white privilege" is racist in itself. It negates all the accomplishments a person has achieved based solely on the fact that person is white. It doesn't matter how much they sacrificed , how hard they worked and struggled to achieve their goals without help from anyone. If they weren't white it wouldn't have happened right?. That's the same as people saying if it wasn't for affirmative action, you as a black woman never would have accomplished the things you have.

  • That person is foolish, that you're referring to. Their ignorance is astounding and unjustifiable.

    I doubt that person will acknowledge your opinion and personal perspectives, or try to understand it.

    Some people aren't open to understanding, different perspectives and alternative outcomes, to different situations and subject matters. They've stopped learning and become stuck in their own ignorance, prefering to live that way. But once that happens, a person becomes fully stupid.

  • Are you kidding me? Did you ever think that maybe you're not getting opportunities because of your attitude? I'm black and educated, and I don't have any problems moving along the corporate ladder. But then again, I also work just as hard as the next guy and don't feel like anyone owes me anything. Get over your attitude and maybe more opportunities will come you way.

  • We'll said :)

  • Totally agree with you. There are lots of kinds of "privilege," to include privileges of gender, class, wealth, occupation, fame, really too many others to list. Most of the people who yell at white people for being privileged are condensing the net effect of all the privileges in a given person's life and blaming it on their race. There are homeless white people on the street. Where is their privilege? It's not like they send you a check for being white. The "white privilege" crowd needs to be reminded that the "privileged" people they are yelling at are just trying to provide for their family like everyone else.

  • The op is a fool.

  • Idiot!!!!!!

  • If you question 'white privilege' den you RAYCISS!!!

    White privilege is absolute. If you born wif white skin, den you automatically RAYCISS no matter what!!!

    If you white, den you can never hope to be anything but RAYCISS!!! All you can do is roll over, play dead, an' pay reparations!!!

  • Can you spell though?

  • I wouldnt be surprised if it was a white guy that made this comment^

  • Wouldn't you?

  • What grade did you make it to in school before you dropped out?

  • Perhaps he was expelled, before he had the chance to drop out.

  • Did you say 'education' as if you had one?

  • Did you state "education?" As if you have one.

  • Dont really understand what your point is man.... you are criticizing people who say you are privileged because you are "white"??? ok... well Im not white man but I never thought anybody is privileged because they are white or because they are rich or any other condition. People are what they are and they do what they do from the point they are, thats just all. People say stupid things all the time, doesnt mean you have to pay attention to it. Just live your own life

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