" Why won't you let your hair down? "

Something happened few years ago while I was dating my ex-bf for half a month when some melodrama happened. Things got into family and ...

My ex's step-mother came into my place to tell my dad that I shouldn't let my hair down because it attracts men. She also indirectly told him that I wasn't a virgin anymore (no proof) and heard it from my ex's friends. Just because I refused to date them, but my ex. Too many misunderstandings and rumors were being spread around about me that my family restricted and deterred me from letting my hair down and even been overprotective about everything I did during those years. It's been 3-4 years since that happened and every time when someone asks me " Why won't you let your hair down? " I tell them because I am uncomfortable with it. Although that's not a lie either. Sometimes I am, but only if they knew the complete story behind it. Recently people have asked me " Why won't you let your hair down? " all those memories rush back into my mind like it happened yesterday. I'd dealt with so much affliction for something I never did. I've been living for my family just so I can prove them that I never did anything wrong.

Apparently, universe knows everything. Life rolled the dice and made me stronger personality wise. Frankly speaking, now people are attracted to me because of my personality. Universe knows I never did anything wrong, nor am I doing anything wrong now. Life taught me that you don't have to let your hair down, show off your skin, and apply cosmetics to shine your beauty. You inner beauty is enough to shine your outer beauty. This is one of the most precious lessons life has taught me about beauty concept.

My purpose of writing this confession isn't to complain about those questioning me " Why won't you let your hair down? ," but about expressing my inner most feelings to relieve the pain from my soul. It's a relief knowing that the pain I went through is something I never deserved, but life had something extraordinary planned out for me and realizing that makes me merry. My soul is relieved by turning one of my wounds into wisdom.

( PS: Thank you for taking your time reading my confession. I appreciate it, but I'm not looking for comments, advices or any response out of this confession. This was just to spill my unspoken words that I'd kept for years :)

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