Sad and hungry for love

I live with a man for the last year that I really care about. We both have children that live with us. We both have ex's but his ex's are always texting and calling him. He doesn't tell me anymore because it upsets me. My ex does not bother us I don't understand why his ex's can't do the same. I have a high s** drive and want him all the time but he works a lot and he turns me down a lot. I look nice and get hit on all the time by younger men. I don't know why my guy is so un-interested in me... Is it because he still wants one of his ex's or cause he does not really want me or is he really just over worked??? I know he looks at p*** a lot and plays around online. I know he is not having s** anywhere else but makes me sad that he enjoys online pics and p*** when he can have the real thing in bed with me... If I want s** I have to be the one to start it cause he is not the one that takes control. Sometimes I just want him to grab me and f*** me but that is not his style. I love his kind and gental touch when I get it but sometimes I want a man to take charge and man handle me a little bit. What can I do to make him realize that he is close to loosing me? I can say I do love him but I need more than he is giving me right now. Should I go out and get me some strange to satisfy my needs or keep waiting for him to wake up and realize what he had in me? Its not like me to cheat but I can't handle s** once a month. I need more. Im in my prime. Maybe I do need a younger man but I love my guy a lot and don't want to leave him I want him to step up his game. How do I get him to do this???

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  • Its really hard to say, I mean you cant really change a person. You can let him know how you feel and if he still doesnt do what you like then you really have no choice. You cant force him, otherwise he wouldnt like it and feel as if he is just doing it for you. I would say just do what you need to do to satisfy your needs, if you feel that you need to go out of your circle then do so. If you are afraid, just accept the fact that he is not that type of person.

  • Talk to him about it, and let him know you are at the point where you'll need to go out and get some if he doesn't do his job!

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