My life just got better if that's even possible.

My wife and I met in college, She was wild and I mean wild, She would do almost anything, She was obviously too much for any of her ex's to handle but I fell in love instantly, She was always into girls and had "Girlfriends", Let guys touch her while dancing, She gave my buddy a handjob, She showered with one of her room mates and let me watch, She would walk around topless, Strip poker, Didn't matter, She would do it, except...She refused to have a threesome, I tried and tried but she refused.
After college we got married and she calmed down a bit but was still pretty wild, It is nothing for her to kiss her friends when she is drinking, Flash her b**** or p**** and she never wears a top at home, Ever, but she told me she wont touch another guy or let a guy touch her, She says she is mine and mine alone although...I work out of town a lot, Home for one week gone for a week, About a year in she sat me down and told me she needed something when I was gone, I told her if she needed she could have randoms but not a steady thing, She said "I don't want a guy", We decided she would get a girlfriend and she already had one in mind.
It worked great for us for 3 years and everything was going great until her Friend met a guy, She told my wife she needed to stop with her and my wife was heart broken, Last week when I got home we were talking and she said "I need to tell you something", I stopped and looked at her, She said "I've met someone", Right away my mind went to a guy, She giggled and said "No, No...a girl at work", we talked and she explained that there was a girl at work she had been looking at for a while and finally asked her for drinks, She ended up bringing her home but just one time, we talked for a long time and she told me she wanted me to meet her, I of course agreed and she invited her over.
My heart was beating fast, I was nervous and my hands were all sweaty, The doorbell rang and my wife answered the door, There in front of my wife was a very pretty blonde, Young, long blonde hair, Blue eyes, Big b**** and she is not chubby just curvy, My wife is super hot, Shoulder length dark hair, blue eyes, Perfect C-cups, Not natural but perfect and an athletic build, My wife introduced us and we all sat down for a drink, We talked and laughed, She is super friendly and personable and hard to take your eyes off.
She made sure to confirm that I was ok with everything and she told me my wife explained our situation and that she wanted to be a part of it but explained that she is "bi", My wife looked at me and smiled, They started kissing then stood up and led me to the bedroom, My wife and her new friend went crazy, Fingers, Tongues and toys everywhere, My wife has never let me be with another girl but I was standing at the foot of the bed and my wife bent her friend over, She was sticking her soft, round bum out and flicked her hair to the side looking back at me, My wife looked at me and said "come here", I knelt on the bed and was super nervous as I grabbed a handful of her soft bum in each hand, My wife took my c*** and guided me into her, She put her head and shoulders down and my wife slid under her and she buried her face in my wife.
We spent the whole night together and in the morning I made them breakfast and they both wore just pyjama pants while they ate, When we were alone I asked my wife how old she is and she told me 21, We ended up back in bed for part of the afternoon and she stayed that night as well, Unfortunately I had to leave this morning for work and I cant wait to get home.

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  • Sounds just so fantastic everybody involved has two partners I hope that both or at least one of the girls permits and enjoys a*** it is so great, you will be busting your guts to get home for sure, well done to your wife what a great person

  • What a f****** lucky guy if real! Mind sharing them with me? I'm a husband of a wife who refuses to do any girls..

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