I have a thing for my step brother

So in the last few days i realized i had a thing for my step brother... i'm kind of grossed out but I cant help it in a way. Even when I lived at home I could some how tell he has a thing for me. Always flirty and looks down my shirt. he's an teenage boy (17) and i'm 21. The other day he confessed to me he always had a crush on me. I didn't start thinking he was attractive until he turned 16.. he looks nearly my age. idk what to do because i have to spend thanksgiving with him.. and i know he wants to s**** me and the bad thing is i find him so cute.

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  • Its ok i have a thing for my dog haha xdddd

  • Start flirting with him you really want him to get into your nice little c*** so why not, it will be a great arrangement because when ever you are together family will think how good they are just like brother and sister not knowing your rooting, OH! don't forget the pill honey

  • Thanksgiving will be interesting. And any other holiday after that.... Okay, yes you are not related by blood. But still he's pretty young and most likely very immature. And starting something may not be in the best interest of your family. It would/could never just be considered a fling. Or someone you can avoid at family functions. Sometimes you just tuck those feelings away... There are probably a lot of boys closer to your age that you can find that are cute who are not considered family members that you can flirt with...

  • F*** him.

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