Met on Craigslist

I was poking around on Craigslist. Not my usual place, but I was curious. So, I looked up guys in my area. I stumbled on a well written ad for a black man looking for ongoing casual fun. His picture was pretty fine! Like for reals.

I was feeling a bit frisky, so I shot him an email with a nice picture that showed enough without showing too much, nor my face. I told him by general details and asked him if it appealed to get back to me.

So, he does. He seems very interested. We exchange a few more messages via email, and then move to texting. We exchange more pictures. Face and clothed body. He's very polite, and we both quite like what we see.

Fast forward a few days and we meet. The man rolls up in a 200k vehicle. He's dressed fine, and smoking hot. Like his pictures don't even do him justice.

We both very much like what we see.

We spend all day Saturday hanging out at my place. Watching movies, having lunch, and then we move to my bed for some fun. He's more than ok in the bedroom too...and has a huge c*ck.

Not at all what I would expect from Craigslist, for real. I think I am a pretty lucky girl. ; )

Nov 21, 2016

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  • Most white women who discover BBC become quickly or immediately addicted.

  • My wife over the last six years has dated other men. She is into men with large c***s. Thus mostly all the men she dates are black. She started out dating men on the spur of the minute on Craigslist. After several bad encounters she has since switched interracial dating sites. Since then she had not had a bad encounter. Be safe out there.

  • Very nice. I'd love to hear more too. I let my wife have black lovers and I've even asked her to get a black boyfriend but unfortunately she seems to have lost interest. is my email

  • I have met many good women on craigslist. A larger percentage of them have been white,married. Enjoy your new man:)

  • Definitely email me this weekend I want to hear about the good experience

  • My wife got p***** at me one day and took to Craig's list too for some get even s**. Her first encounter went well but needless to say her luck ran out with second fling. She got robber after she had s** with him. Since then she has went to safer dating sites.

  • You are lucky. And adventurous. That is extremely sexy. Will you see him again?
    Does your husband know?

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