Who knew?

The following story is why I miss craigslist personals.

Please forgive my spelling and story telling. I don`t write much but, I`ll do the best I can.
I meet this woman one time through a craigslist posting, She was asking for help with paying some of her bills that month. She wasn`t very descriptive as to what she was offering in return but, you can figure it out.
Anyhow, I offered her 100 dollars just for conpaionship.I was interested in attending a swingers party that weekend that didn`t allow single men. She was totally up for it and said she was always curious about those parties. She gave me her directions and I picked her up at a grocery store, I know kind of odd, why not her place? Anyhow, I`ll come back to that.
We drove for about two hours to get to our destination. (Bakersfield) We had some great conversations and didn`t even get into any of the money stuff. I think we could both really tell that there was an instant attraction. She was very cute, hispanic, maybe 5'2" a little busty girl. I think she was expecting some ugly fat dude but, I am in shape and somewhat attractive. She told me she wanted to pull off the road before we arrived at the party to get our stories straight. I told her it didn't really matter but, she insisted we pull off the road. She said she actually wanted to test things out before we arrived so, it wouldn`t be ackward at first. I honestly wasn`t expecting anything since she seemed really sweet and I generally wanted to help her if she had money problems.
I pulled off the road and parked behind some trees, instantly she was on me, I was shocked in a good way.
She pulled my c*** out and went at it, it was awesome. She was excellent at deepthroating. I couldn`t believe my luck. I didn`t let her finish me off because I wanted to save my energy for the rest of the night. Off and on while we drove into town she gave me road head, I was so ready to f*** this girl.
We drove to the swinger party and made our way in. We both had the same idea, as soon as we arrived we found an empty room and had rough s** right away. We were so sexually compatible it was amazing. She had great breast for her frame, probably a d-cup but, since she was short they looked huge. She got on top of me and rode me which seemed like forever. I finished her off in the missionary position.
After that, the party seemed pretty tame haha but, we did try to mingle a bit. I was more interested in regaining my enery for round two later with her. We mingled, drank some, chatted it up with some potetial couples. There were some ice breaker games that the party host had everyone do, I thought they were kinda fun. a lot of partner PG13 partner switching I guess to gst to get everyone more comfortable?
Anyhow, we hit it off with one couple snd the female of the couple gave me head for a bit but, that was pretty much it. The girl I arrived with didn't seem interested in anyone there. We did get some light group play in the living room area. A few couples were going at it and we joined in but, she only participated with me. I think some of the creepy dudes staring grossed her out. Around 1am we decided the party was winding down so, we f***** again in the kitchen while a few couples watched. We left, drove back to Santa Maria, we were both exhausted!
Okay long story short: She told me to drop her off at the same grocery store, so I did. It was a great night.
She never asked about the 100 dollars, I had forgot about it to.
I tried contacting her and we planned to meet agian but, she got back with her ex boyfriend a few weeks later.
I looked her up a few years later on Facebook and noticed she had her age listed as 21. I was confused because she had told me she was 25 years old when we had met, 5 yesrs ago. That means she was 17 years old when we met and I was 38 then. Craziness. At the time she had mentined school but, I thought she meant college. I couldnt pick her up from her place because her parents were home.

Nov 6, 2019

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