Craigslist casual encounters is ruined

I've put multiple ads on craigslist in the m4w section of casual encounters. Anytime I put an ad up I always get contacted by a bunch of gay guys and a few bbw women.

I think one of the worst cases was I got a message from a guy who went to my high school. yep, he sent a bunch of dirty pictures too. Then I get pictures of men in womens underwear, which is really funny in a way. What makes me mad the most is the gay guys who want to snort c*** then s****. Also, what makes me mad is the guys who basically say, hook up with me out of desperation!

One guy sent a picture of himself getting rodded by a big d****. He was wearing a jock strap too. I thought he looked silly but I guess a gay guy would like that.

After that, I started putting "No Men" in my ads. Now, every ad I place on craigslist it gets flagged. I don't even put the "No Men" part into my ads anymore, but my ad will still get flagged down. I think there's too many of the same gay guys trolling craigslist for straight men.

If you want a gay encounter then craigslist is for you. I'm not being narrow minded here because I put in a fair effort. I placed my ads in the m4w section... that means straight. Back in 2007 or 2006 it wasn't like this. I used craiglist a couple times back then and no guys would contact me.

The problem is people kept spreading the word of mouth about craigslist, craigslist now has a bad rap because of criminals, also you have people blogging about their dates and encounters. If people would have shut their mouths, then craigslist would still be a decent place for a date or a lay.

Back in 2006-07 you used to see a bunch of ads with women looking for dates and casual encounters. Now, pretty much every ad that's placed in that section gets deleted, if the ad has a pic then it will get deleted without question. It may have cut back on the spammers but now no one can place an add in the w4m casual encounters section.

I was h**** one night and I hooked up with one a chubby girl who responded to an ad that I placed. She was something different though. She had a good job, wasn't into drugs, she is my age, lived by herself in a nice part of town, she was just lonley. She was quite attractive too. Her body was round and smooth like artwork. Cute face... and massive t***. She could have been a chubby model but at the same time was excellent girlfriend material.

It was funny though, I got into it with her and I was so turned on. She was sucking off my big 8inch c*** and I came in her mouth. She was a bit upset and all but I warned her that she was making me c**. I told her she was so beautiful that I really couldn't hold back. I was fair and gave her a warning.

We fooled around a little bit more and I was hard again. I bent her over and f***** her. She had such a tight p**** and it was like her p**** was clinging to my c***. Then she started c******. I think she must have came twice before I finally decided to c**. She was very hot and sweaty and I though I had worked her over enough. Thankfully, she just let me crash out on her bed, which was very nice of her. We hooked up many more times after that.

Aside from finding the the most awesome chubby chick ever on craigslist, the site really sucks and has totally gone down the toilet. I won't be sad to see the casual encounters section taken off the site.


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  • Back in the mid-2000s, I had just started coming out, knew zero gay guys, and was too young for the bar scene. Craigslist was my lifeline. I must’ve met, like, a hundred dudes through it. I had awesome s**, made a bunch of new friends, and even ended up seriously dating a couple of them, including the one with whom my eventual breakup would turn out to be the biggest regret of my romantic life. With the advent of the iPhone, I, like most of the gay male users, ditched CL for Grindr and Scruff. IMO, OP was dealing with the guys who “stayed behind”: closet-cases, s** addicts, and literal psychos, but also s** workers, and, for some bizarre reason, cross-dressers and “sissies.” They’re the ones who, in response to the occasional ad I’d place post-2010, would flood my inbox with financial offers, totally unrelated, nonsensical responses, and grotesque images. Even before Big Bro shut it down, CL personals had become, to me, unusable.

    BTW, OP, if you read this, I also think jock straps look silly. In fact, I find them to be a massive turn-off. Most of the guys who wear them look like they’re playing dress-up as an athlete. Poorly.

  • Can't use CRAIGSLIST anymore. It's dead. They killed the personals section. F*** it!

  • All I get is men and a load of spam messages. This is crazy I don't get what would make a gay try to hook up with a straight male looking for a woman?

  • I tried posting to craigslist personals. I quickly realized it’s been rendered unusable due to their policy of automatically (no human review; just a bot) removing ads if enough readers hit ‘flag’. So there is a dedicated group of people who hang around flagging personal ads, which then forces the ad-poster to come to their forums and chat with them. Craigslist moderators visit the forums about every 12 months or so. There is no way to stop this hobby of mean-spirited people. It doesn’t matter what you post; they will flag it. If enough people flag a post, it automatically gets taken down. So again, there is a group of people who hang around the personal ads section and flag things for fun. No exaggeration; try it if you don’t believe me. Does not matter how innocuous of a personals post it is. This is their hobby At least other sites like Tinder, etc. are benefiting from this fatal flaw in craigslist personals.

  • I know what you mean. I posted an ad yesterday and it was flagged to be removed. I posted again today which resulted in it being removed. I believe someone is using my email on a different CL account though because yesterday, I received an email from a guy responding to an ad about a BBW wanting NSA fun. I clicked on the link in the email to read the ad but CL had already deleted it. That someone is just mad because I caught him on there and I told his wife

  • (Part 1) So 6 years later and CL is still plagued with similar issues. However, my successful time with the personal ads was 2014, and 2015. I used casual encounters a bit, but mostly men seeking women - girls seem more amenable to a sexual encounter when it's not so obvious, but I didn't use it for dating. (well once I did a while back and we did hook up that night, no s**). I look for submissive women, and I tone down the language in men seeking women posts, and more explicit in casual encounters m4w. Yes guys will respond, some will try to catfish, I'm always able to get the right proof (lots of specific/dirty pics from a girl who messages me and becomes my slave through sexting first) before anyone shows up at my place. It's not always easy to convince a lady to come over or get in my car and some will get scared and flake, but I've had a solid amount of really hot young women (and some not so hot ones), usually intelligent, come over to be lightly dominated (doing what they're told, getting on their knees, pleasing me, getting spanked, notthing too crazy, and of course lots of great s**). Many were one night stands, some lasted several months.

  • (Part 2) Continued:
    Sometimes I write 'no men' or 'girls only' or both, that does cut down on the guys, but honestly I don't get many messages at all any more, and for whatever reason these days my posts are getting flagged right quick. It's a drag, but someone out there is really not okay with me getting laid, and people will always try to get into others' business because so many have nothing better to do. I also think people are threatened by dominant personalities ('you should respect women' etc etc), it's all consensual. Many of these women are absolutely CRAVING this kind of sexual treatment, and fun is had by all and I respect all limits. I've had a gf (met in person) for about a year so I haven't been posting much (she wants us to get a sub, I'm not doing it behind her back)

    I'm surprised in 2011 you had so much of the same problems, but I feel like it must have gotten better a few years ago and now it kinda sucks again. And I think less people are using it in favor of Tinder - not much success there for me, maybe cause I'm 42 now, but mostly I work really well with the anonymous and exciting approach that only CL provides. Fetlife is too social, although we may try it for our specific tryst we are seeking. But for one on one interaction without distraction, CL could kick ass. And for the last couple years since my luck seemed to run out on CL, thank god my in person game has worked out and a large social life has brought me dating/s**/love with girls I meet out in RL.

    I can ignore the gays desperate for a straight man, even though they're annoying and often deceptive, but this flagging bullshit has got to chill.

  • In response to the person who said maybe the "chubby girl" was the person he was supposed to be with. He is using women to m********* with. He has no respect for them. It's clear from the scummy way he writes about his encounters that women are just objects for him to put his limp little d*** into. Assuming that he isn't just some pathetic little boy that "gets off" writing "Dear Penthouse" type things on the internet. Sort of like the pathetic creeps that put their ugly appendages in their ads. I've never seen so many ugly ones in my life. You'd think they'd be ashamed of them. But like this guy, they probably childishly get worked up by having anyone see them in the first place.

  • Ugh.. you need to get laid. That guy is no more sick than your Tribal self-serving sanctimony.

  • Sorry, was I too truthful? Aw, your little fee fees got hurt. Have a cookie.

  • Craigslist is sad not only for straight men but also gay men. You see, within the gay world there is major division between the casual s**/fetish addicted side (which dominates) and those seeking something simple and worthwhile (wanting nothing to do with casual s**) . Unfortunately, the Craiglist forums seem to be on of the war zones between the 2 sides, with the casual s**-ers winning. From personal experience, having placed numerous clean, up front ads, I either get swamped with players and then got flagged, or, I immediately got flagged shortly after the ad was placed. Oh yes, there is a problem, but gay pervs are not the source. Craigslist is!!!!! Of course they know what is going on. So why do they allow decent men to be harassed and flagged? Because the people behind Craigslist are like the people (s** addicted, fetish craved, spiteful) who now rule the personals forums. I say, we need to patronize another classified outlet and make it famous so Craigslist pays for its corrupt ways.

  • Are you sure that chubby girl wasn't me? Lol

  • I have f***** quite a few women,married or single,from CL and yes,it is not the same. I even remember in the 90's when I could not even go to a bar to pick up a woman. I would sit on the computer and line up women and just f*** within minutes of our encounter. All pick-up methods combined and enabled mostly bu the internet,I have f***** over 355 women in my lifetime.I think now most dating sites are full of s***. Thanks for letting me re-live happier f****:)

  • Forgot to mention that Yahoo and America online where my preferred pick-up sites back then.

  • Try and adult dating site called

  • i would like to meet some1 like ur chubby friend..

    what is this craiglist and m4w u talkin about?

  • I agree with you 100% craigslist is sad now, just like myspace.Nothing last forever I guess.

  • Call me

  • Why don't you try going on a regular dating site? I've heard too many bad things about Craigslist to even think about going on there. I met one really great guy (I'm a girl) that I dated for several months from a dating site. Maybe this "chubby girl" is the girl you're supposed to be with. Go out with her on a real date and maybe that will work out for you.

  • Regular dating sites only work for big cities maybe... My city is top 15 in size, but NO single women on the net looking. Also, I think there's a lot more nihilistic hermit, PC uptight women Now a Days than when Religion was shoved down people's throats. Pretty scary.

  • Im predicting some serious population fall out in "SOON TO NO LONGER BE" European societies. In spite of what craigslist and "the internet of things" would make you believe. There is actually a lot LESS procreation going on since the rise of Internet (meeting digitally is very anti-social). + PC culture. Which is an attack on ORIGINAL DIVERSITY, which is Man and Woman and an acceptance of our differences

  • It's odd to me that so many people look down on men who look for an FWB situation. I'd venture to say that most men's s** drive far exceeds that of any one woman. Men need an additional outlet, and unless one lives in Vegas, it's difficult to find. And no, we don't really want to leave or hurt the feelings of the woman we already have to obtain the 30 minute release we physically NEED. It would be nice if CL Casual Encounters could be trusted. It's funny that pretty much any W4M ad containing a picture gets flagged, and that no M4W ad with 5 d*** pics ever gets flagged. Girls if you want to see a ton of d****, you know where to go, and these guys are likely mostly everyday normal guys you work with. Most guys who are reasonably fit would like to see the same in a woman as well. We're really not into "curvy", "rubenesque", or whatever word you want to use to describe fat. We'd like our NSA, FWB, f-buddy, to be young, fit, hot, and h****, unlike our wives or sexless gf's!

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