I'm a crazy heartbeat addict...

I'm an 18 yo male, and as the title says, I'm crazy about heartbeats. I've had this fascination all my life. I remember being about 4 or 5 and laying in my bed at night fantasizing about someone holding me in their warm chest and hearing their heartbeat while sleeping with them. Certainly not in a bad way, just thoughts and wishes I had that were completely innocent. I would create stories or scenarios in my head about this all the time, and in these thoughts it would usually be an older person big and strong, a person I could confide in, weather it be male or female. I never wanted to do it with any of my family members. It just felt so awkward! I never even mentioned it to them cuz it would be so embarrassing for me.

Whenever I would hear about incidents or sentences in books where they would talk about a characters heartbeat, I would start to feel anxious and needy. My heart would start pounding. I would read those parts over and over. Same goes for scenes in movies or conversations that people were about hearts beating. This warm tingly feeling would mount up and make my chest tight and there would be butterflies in my stomach. Usually within the scenarios I would make up in my head, would be characters from movies and me listening to their heart. I think thats basically where it started... Thus movies in which contained scenes with characters listening to each other's heartbeats or heart sounds in them were my favorite movies as a kid. After watching those scenes, I would start obsessing about it for long periods of time. I would even obsess over attractive celebrities forever just for sake of hearing their heartbeat lol. For being so weirdly captivated by heartbeats, I still to this day have never really spoken up about it to anyone, except for my therapist.

I've always loved hearts... In every aspect I can think of. I love pressing my hand to my chest and feeling it pound underneath my palm after exercising. I love being able to look down to see my heart thudding in my chest. At times I glace over at the chests of strangers in public to try to get a glance of their hearts beating, men or women... Women preferably. I've made countless pieces of artwork and writing which revolve around hearts, and every so often I surf the web finding articles, artwork, or stories on the subject. I secretly love to hear songs that talk about heartbeats when I feel depressed or stressed out. H***, I even created a YouTube channel dedicated to recording my heart and listening to others' hearts. As a young adult, I continue to make up s*** in my head about hearing heartbeats. While I mainly prefer to hear female hearts, strangely I find myself wanting to hear a man's heartbeat a lot of the time. Its usually men I admire or look up to, or just ones I would feel comfortable being around, Only certain ones though... Like I said, I've never told anyone about this, including the people I'd like to share this with. Surprisingly, this isn't a sexual fetish of mine,just something I find very comforting and fascinating, kinda like a warm blanket I'd love I wrap myself in. If there are videos of women recording their fast heartbeats or sexual themes, I would be turned on by the energy in the video or the chicks in them. But as for the heart itself I'm not aroused by. This is a bit difficult for me to explain since it's a lot more of a complex issue then what I'm typing it down as...

All in all, I'm just a very sensitive person. I think what stems for my love of heartbeats is my deep appreciation for life and the beauty of getting to know someone you're close to from the inside and out. The very thought that such a fragile organ can keep you going for so long is pretty mind blowing if you think about it. Therefore I find entertaining the thought of hearts and listening to them to be a great coping mechanism for me. I have made a post about this online before, but it didn't get the attention that I was hoping for. Anyway, I feel like this is a good start to really opening up to people on this site. My YouTube channel is wolfhart90, if you're interested... Thank you all for taking the time to read his essay of a post!!!! It really means a lot!! 😀😀😀💓💓💓


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  • Mmmmm yes beat that thumping a***

  • I know what you mean, I feel the same way! I always wanted to be held against someone chest and listen to thier heart, the center their emotions. I feel like I’m listening to the pure love from inside of them. ❤️ I always loved cartoons where a character would fall in love an their heart would beat out of their chest as a kid, it made me giddy in a way I can’t describe😍

  • Hi there. I completely understand how you feel & will definitely check out your youtube channel ;)

  • I'm 15/f I love putting my head on my boyfriends warm chest and hearing his heartbeat loudly. It calms me down so much when I am sad or depressed he takes me in his arms and let's me hear his heart. I also love hearing his gurgling tummy

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