Heartbreaker in training

When I was thirty-two I used to visit my grandmother. She often babysat my girl cousin and we would play frisbee on my grandparent,s huge front yard.

Living next door was a very pretty twelve-year-old girl and we'd toss the frisbee three-way. My cousin was pretty but this neighbor girl was gorgeous like her mother who was only thirty-two herself.

The girl was a b**** in training like her mother. Listening to this kids mother raise H*** at her then third husband was not a good experience.

The pretty girl was a bully. She would if you didn't watch her put pine straw down the back of my cousin's neck and would sometimes refuse to give the frisbee back. Sometimes a less attractive little girl came over and the pretty girl would make fun of her.

I'd get in the middle of this. I would not allow her to bully the other children and I would often lecture her.

One day while visiting my grandparents while my cousin was not there the mean little bully came over. I believe her intention was to try to get under my skin and in her own mean little way and bully me an adult.

I didn't let her childish insults bother me. I instead predicted her future.

I referred to her as a heartbreaker in training. I told her that her good looks would have many a boy wanting to date her. She would break the hearts of the boys she rejected. I told her that unless she wanted to end up like her mother who had three husbands and counting she had better quit trying to push people around.

Ok thirty-seven years later with her now being forty-eight and me sixty-nine guess what?

She's on hubby number four. By some odd coincidence, we still live fairly close to each other and we sometimes have drinks together in a bar here in town.

She often talks about our conversations at my grandmothers and she says I must be a prophet. I said because what happened was too predictable for me not to know. I am sympathetic to her and I try to comfort her by saying that she was raised to think men were people you could scream at and cuss and that she wasn't entirely to blame.

She's raising three boys by three different fathers and I told her that having boys was better than girls in her situation because boys are tougher than girls and are less likely to be heart breakers.

Her oldest son is working on wife number three.


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  • I guess her comeuppance is raising 3 kids to 3 different fathers. That would be tough.

  • I'm sorry.

  • This gal's looks are not her problem. But you've convinced me that this family has mental health issues. Smart guys will run like h***...

  • I'm the Op and here's some more info. The other neighbor girl who wasn't as pretty as this girl has been married to the same man for nearly thirty years. Her children like her turned out fine. My cousin has been married twenty-five years and her children are great.

    This once beautiful girl is living proof that good looks aren't everything.

    When I first met this girl she reminded me of some pretty but very mean girls I had known in high school. I feel it's a miracle that we still see each other but I'm sure its because I;m there that she comes in. There are several other places in town she could go so I'm rather impressed.

    I drink craft beer and she drinks white wine. We play KENo together and watch sports. When she was a chid and I broke up her bullying other kids she had facial expression that looked like to me that if she had a gun she would have shot me.

  • It is the "live what you learn "rule. Women who have babies as teens usually have daughters that end up pregnant as teens. Just as women who grow up seeing their father be abusive to their mother tend to marry that same type of man. Not that they want to be abused, its what they learned love looks like at home. Its a cycle that seldom gets broken.

  • I'm trying to caution both a young, very pretty but definitely on the wrong track girl who works at the sports bar I go to, about the very same thing. Looks only go so far, and, at some point, who you are will affect what happens to you. She already has one kid the court only allows her to see every 2 weeks, can't get her life together, and all of her friends are "car guys" or guys from the firehouse, all of whom trade her off on a regular basis. She let one fk her just to get back at not only her ex bf, but, his current gf.. Wrong choice.

    Also trying to tell my college-aged niece to get her head out of her ass and (though I say it nicer) off her back for five minutes, stop being a b**** to other girls and having few, if any, female friends. But, she's 20, so, knows everything. I'm about to give up on both of them, wait the years, and, like yourself, basically say...Told you so.

  • Sad to say I have a niece in the same age group who is heading down the path to being a single mother. She views spreading her legs for any guy that wants it, as if its some kind of accomplishment. She is a pretty girl with brains but just has no self esteem . Sorry to say I'm sure it comes from my sister who allowed herself to become the biggest w**** in high school and ended up having two kids by two different men ,neither of which thought she was worth marrying and took off on her. After that both my nieces had the misfortune of watching a lot of men parade in and out of their mother's bedroom. Its hard to tell her that's the wrong path to take without pointing out their mother lives the lifestyle of a w****.

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