I'm not a teen anymore

But why am I having wet dreams as a middle-aged man? I have them more now than I ever had in my life. Last night I was with on of the women in Orange is the New Black. I have not watched that show in months! WTH?

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  • It happens :-)

    I have sexual dreams all the time.
    I'm in a committed relationship of eight years and we're happy. But I often have lesbian tribbing dreams.

    I know it's because I'm attracted to women, as well as men and I'm denying that side of my sexuality, because I'm within a heterosexual relationship.

    However, I feel complete and have the best of both worlds. I have lesbian s** dreams and they're extremely gratifying.
    And in reality, I'm with my soulmate, who I enjoy sexually and non-sexually :-)

    Maybe reassess your current circumstances and feelings. You may find psychological/emotional reasons, why you have these wet dreams. Or, It's simpler. Maybe you're sexually deprived and need a good, hard, f*** :)

  • Maybe you have the strength not to m********* and are not getting any s** with a woman.

    My wife controls our s** and I am not allowed to m*********. sometimes I have to go 8 weeks without sexual release. It's really tough and I look forward to the occasional wet dream.

  • It happens. Sometimes I'll have dreams about random people I knew years ago, or, hot, young women from sports bar I go to..Those I understand, as I see and interact with them fairly often, but..The ones from years ago, like my older sister's hot friend, Denise, who I had a major crush on? Haven't seen her in decades.

    Also admit, having one about my friend, and, niece's dance teacher, who has THE best body I've ever seen. Known her for several years, and, looked at her tons of times, but, until I did father-daughter (technically, uncle) dance with my niece, requiring weeks of practice and seeing my friend in tight yoga pants, shorts, and, for one number, shorts and bikini top, never saw as much of her hot, desirable body and bare skin. That did prompt a few wet dreams..Nobody would blame me, though..

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