Humiliated by my wife’s ex boyfriend

When I was a sophomore in high school, I had a crush on the girl who became my wife about 10 years later. I was trying to very her to go on a date with me, but she was a little shy. There was another guy who was interested in her at the time, and he was a bully to me. He was always doing things to try and make me mad. In the Football locker room, he would pants other guys and man fun of their p**** size. Well he found out that I was interested in her and he basically told me to back off because she was his. I’m embarrassed to say that I did exactly what he told me to do. I always saw myself as brave, but he was a very confident person and I was not so much. When he got in my face, I froze with intimidation. I couldn’t even reply to him and just stood there. He ended up stealing her interest and dated her for a while. He was her first real kiss. From then on, any time the coaches would put players against each other for challenges, he’d make sure to go against me, and almost every time he would beat me. After a year of that, he had beaten me down. He had proved that he could beat me at anything, even getting my girl if he chose to. I moved on and actually ended up marrying the same girl in college. It took a few years, but finally I admitted to her what happened. I think she lost a little bit of respect for me, but she laughed and said it was a long time ago. The truth is, that her ex put me in my place. He was the alpha and he proved it. The most humiliating part is that when I think about him owning my girl, it turns me on so much. Street we were married, one of our friends was getting married and I was serving in the wedding. He was also friends with the same bully from high school, and he was also supposed to serve. I didn’t tell my wife, but I was nervous and a little intimidated. Thankfully he ended up not being able to make it. I think he knows he has the upper hand.

Apr 7

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