Getting beat up by sister

My sister beats me up pretty bad a lot(she's a year younger). She owns every fight and really hurts me. People notice the bruises I have on my face or the cuts on my lip etc. I never fight back because I've always been told a boy never hit a girl no matter what and also only bullies hurt people more vulnerable than them. So what do u do in those situations- when a girl is really beating you up or abusing you?

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  • Start using the physicality to your advantage...Rip her clothes off, and blame it on defending yourself..Start pulling your own sneak attacks, arms behind her back to send a message, I won't be messed with a anymore. When things seem calm, surprise her and throw her to the floor, catching her off-guard.

    In short.. Put her in her place, now. Stripping her naked will send a powerful message, even if you don't take it further, like grabbing or touching her exposed parts.

  • Defend yourself and threaten to call the police if she doesn't get help for her anger.

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