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Well it's not really a confession..... It's more of venting and letting out steam. I really hope for true answers and not bull sh*t comments. I am male and I have been in the field of child care for 10 years. No matter what..... When everything seems to be going perfect....... Sh*t hits the fan. I work over and beyond my job and then the people I work with back stab me, talk behind my back and put on a fake front. Why is it that my fellow co-workers have to do this.... Is it a territorial thing..... Do woman have in there minds that men shouldn't be in the field.. Are they afraid that could and do a better job. I am not saying all woman in the field are like this. But honestly it needs to stop and people need to get past this and realize the need for males in the field... They need to understand that there can be stay at home dads too... I will continue to fight the good fight and prove that I am needed in this field... It is horrible how one can be treated when they want to do nothing but good.

I hope that whomever reads this will take me serious and not write anything stupid.

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  • I thought i responded but I'll try again. Yes I got along with everyone great. The staff loved me, the parents loved me, my supervisor loved me, even the people who let me go were in tears when they had to be "the messenger". It's just the end and beginning of another chapter

    No I don't know if it's about me being the only male. I think it just makes it easy to blame someone though. I take it like it is. Parents have taken their children out of the program because I was no longer working there. That sure says something. I know I have done a h*** of a lot at the places I work for. Staff were furious when i was let go.

    Another job I applied for at one time two people were fighting over which site I would go to. That sure says something about somebody. I honestly want to win the lotto start my own place and kick out the admin people who know absolutely nothing about child care. the higher people move up the less they know about their own career and the more they care about themselves

  • My boyfriend is a CNA and is haveing the same problem. He only works with women and they all accuse him of anything and everything. When ever he finds a good Aid he's working with eather she or the other nurses say he is stalking them and doing things to residents all beacuse he is better at his job then they are. He is the most trust worthy person you can meet and would never harm anyone, im not saying this in a girlfriends point of view but as a person that really knows him. Don't worry about your coworkers, keep your head up. Kids need a male figure in there lifes not just a woman figure. I know alot of parents who would want a Male over a Female. As long as your doing your job and the kids are safe, and you know in your heart you arent doing any wrong to harm them, who cares what others say. :) I hope everything works out for you.

  • I get with everyone great they love me they can depend on me I always go the extra mile for them. H*** I even bought everyone jumba juice one day. The kids love me the staff "the ones who know how I am " Seem to love me.. But I got to say woman take things way out of context and way to personally. Another thing is they befriend you and then stab me behind my back. Thank you to the above comment for those words of wisdom

  • Your very much welcome. :)

  • Don't take the back stabbing of you by women too personally or as being about your gender. Sad to say it but a lot of women are b****** like that..... they are equal-opportunity back stabbers. They are insecure and easily threatened on the job. They have control and power issues they don't understand or can't manage well. They backstab either women or men. And I know. I'm female and have dealt with female back stabbers all my working life at jobs.

  • but the sad thing about the child care career is it's a woman dominating field and there's nothing i can do to stop that. So many men are needed in the field but men are scarred away for so many reasons. It is a loving rewarding job career to get into but it so scary at the same time.

    P.S. every time i click on to view a new coment it says it can't be found so i have to search for my topic. Thank you for not be littling my vent and being serious. I totally thought someone was going to post something stupid on here just for attention.. But thank you your comments have brought on a different out look for me

  • How did they back stab you ? Did you get along with them for a while great and then it starts ? Do you really think it's mostly about you being the only male working there?

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