I got beat up by a girl

I am in 7th grade. I was beating up by a girl. There was this cute girl in my history class that I never really spoke to. One day we were talking at lunch about an assigned project, as we were in the same group. She wanted to make a poster and I wanted to make a slideshow. Eventually we got out of hand and agreed to fight after school at her place, just us. Now keep in mind I was 5” 3 and she was 4” 10, so I had an easy win. We met at her house after school and she had put yoga mats on the floor. The fight was anything goes besides using other objects. We began. I pushed her and she stepped back. Then she charged me and pinned me to the floor badly. I couldn’t get up with all my strength. She proceeded to lift one hand and say “One handed!”. She had me pinned to the floor with only one hand. I was embarrassed, so I quit and left as she talked trash. She told everyone at school and they make fun of me. Also she had her phone in the room and recorded the whole thing, and she is showing it to people. Although she did dominate me in a fight, what should I do?

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