Listening to boss take a dump

I work in an office in a manufacturing facility that is very male dominated. The only female employee this plant has ever had is our current general manager. Our office area expanded a few years ago when she was hired on, and the construction was a little half assed. Up until then there was only one bathroom by the offices. The office I am now in used to be a larger office, half of which they converted into a women's bathroom. Of course, she's the only person who ever uses it. Every morning at 9:00 we have a staff meeting, and every morning at 9:30 she goes into that bathroom and takes a dump. I can hear everything that happens in there plain as day. I respect her as a boss, but she's a no-nonsense ball buster. Listening to her grunt and fart every morning has made her much less intimidating. Her sigh of relief when she's done makes my day. Then she goes in there a few times throughout the day to pee, which isn't quite as exciting, but I still try not to miss it. Sometimes she talks to herself in there, usually practicing what she is going to say in a meeting. If I'm lucky, she'll take another dump in the afternoon. I'm amazed if I ever manage to get any work done.

Nov 30, 2016

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  • You should spike some muffins or food item on party day or whenever you have a day when people bring food in for a meeting whatever spike it with some Dr Shultz colon cleanse .. maybe you should f*** her

  • What.. The.. F*** ....

  • Yawn...

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