My wife is several years older than me and she has a daughter who is only about 8 years younger than me. After my wife and I married we bought a house together and started our new life. Her kids were grown so they didn't live with us. Until one day her daughter got in an accident and needed to move home with her mom. I didn't say anything as I get along with her kids and didn't mind because we had plenty of room. The master bedroom is located on the main floor with 3 additional bedrooms upstairs. Our master bedroom doesn't have an ensuite, but the main bathroom is next to it. So in the morning when I would get up to take a shower I would just walk out the bedroom door around the corner and into the bathroom. Only problem is I normally sleep naked and would walk naked from the bedroom to the bathroom. As we lived alone, it wasn't that big of a deal, but how that her daughter was living with us my wife requested that I sleep in pajamas. I argued that her daughter was all the way upstairs with an upstairs bathroom, and because I got up at 4AM she would never see me walk naked to the bathroom. I was wrong. Not long after she moved in I got up as usual and walked out the bedroom to my wife's daughter who had just stepped out of the bathroom. We both froze unsure what to do. Not to brag, but I have been blessed with a large member. She looked down and then back up. All she said was "very nice", and then stepped around me and continued on her way. Later that day her and I talked. I recommended that we tell her mother, my wife, but she disagreed saying it was better to just let it go. She did tell me that her mom was a lucky woman and that now she knows why her mom married a guy so much younger than her. After that day I have noticed that she is much more friendly with me than usual. Almost like she's flirting with me now. She has also recovered from her accident but she's still living with us and has no plans on moving out anytime soon. It does concern me though because I'm actually closer in age to the daughter than my wife.

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  • Have you ever sniffed her dirty panties?

  • Yes many occasions I've enjoyed sniffing my 23 year old step daughters dirty panties. The scent of her p**** gets me really hard an I j*** off

  • I'm pretty sure they were asking the OP. But you can answer, I'm good with that.

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