My friends stalker is annoying

Okay so my friend the 3 of hearts has a friend known as the 6 of diamonds. And she stalks another one of my friends Micky mouse. So me and the 3 of hearts will be talking about deadpool and here comes the 6 of diamonds and she changes the entire conversation to all about micky. And than she'll scream at me when I get the conversation back to what it was before. 3 of hearts says that she has a bad social life. But she thinks that micky is life. We're all in middle school and if she dates him it won't be forever and she thinks everything is about her and mickey. And she will not stop talking about him. It's micky this and micky that. And the thing she doesn't get is that he is by he likes boys more than girls and he doesn't like her. She knows where he lives and he doesn't even know her name. What should I do

Dec 6, 2016

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  • This post is annoying.

  • Nyuh-UHH!! It's like SO deep and SO important and you're just JEALOUS...

    Lol, eww. Yeah, I'm $hit at pretending to be a typical brain-damaged middle schooler. :)))

  • Hi yeah I wrote this article and I wanna say. F*** c** guzzling d*** head . So I hope that wasn't to rash assume whol3

  • Could you repeat that in Non-Psycho? Or at least something resembling English? Stupid teenage

  • You should go get some professional mental help.

  • Mickey mouse f**** anything? Friend needs own ABC sitcom

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