I'd Like My Former Boss To Die By My Hand

A former boss hired me from another company, promising the company was "going places" by changing its business model. There were "challenges" but with my experience and skills I could optimize the department. He also said there was a bonus on top of my comp.

All f****** lies.

The company COO (fired this past June) was a sexual predator and he/company are being sued by a former female staffer who was attacked by this a******. That is just a start....

- 40% turnover year over year.
- The market they're attempting to penetrate is already saturated.
- Boss continually played "dumb" whenever something was pointed out.
- Zero attention to licensing, resulting in myriad problems (support/virus).

The m*********** - who thank F****** GOD was fired after I was let go - then tried blaming me for serious shortcomings in the systems area. Even though I was never asked to investigate. This was a complete s*** storm that affected the entire company - when he attempted to lay it in my lap I said "there's no f****** way you're going to drop this in my lap" and then cited the reasons why.

I am still looking for a job MONTHS later and would like nothing better than to strangle him until he was f****** dead. Sad to say but he lied through his teeth about the shithole company - I could have still been working. Sad thing is we had a decent relationship and I brought him results for 5 years previously.

But back to wanting to kill this c***... seriously, have you ever had the urge to murder someone? I hope he dies in front of his kids.

Dec 7, 2016

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  • Hey why don't you murder him and then go to prison for the rest of your life and then really be f***** cause that sounds like a way better alternative.

  • ^ Former unethical employer feeling guilty ^

  • I've been fired for sorry reasons myself. I really feel your pain.

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