Do my wife

I confess that my gorgeous wife is way to Hot for me to handle sexually. She is the closest thing to Lily rader that you will find in in bed. (And just as hot). I try to keep her satisfied, usually orally because of performance anxiety, but she needs much more than I can offer. It would be awesome if we could find a few men, maybe a black bull, that could give her what she needs and deserves, as long as there was no emotional connection. I think it would be good for her once in a while, and to be honest with you, it would be such a turn on to come home at the end of the day and see that glow on her face and have her tell me about her experience. I think I might even like to watch her get pounded occasionally , then lick her clean afterwards!

Dec 9, 2016

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  • I am really curious about her as well. Please send pics to:

  • Email me at Would like to chat more. I have the same desire to see my hot wife with other men.. We have spoken about it while having s**. Very hot

  • Message me on and we could chat

  • Definitely interested in keeping a line of communication with you. Only no email. Maybe here for now. Are you the guy who asked for pics?

  • Any pix of your lovely sexy wife for us who are not fortunate enough to be close by?

  • That might be possible. I've got a few that really show her best side, ( if you know what I mean ). One imparticular of what my friends refer to as " her round little f******* ass. No face shots though. I'll give it some thought.

  • If she looks anything like Lily rader, you shouldn't have any trouble finding someone to feed her 10 inches of rock hard d***! Would like to see her!

  • Yeah , no problem there. She has guys hitting on her constantly. It's like they can sense that she's sexually deprived and in need of some attention in the bedroom.

  • Bet the little w**** really likes that attention too, doesn't she?

  • HA! Funny! never had anybody refer to my wife as a w**** before. And yes, she does love it!

  • Is this a serious post? Or are you a couple of 15 yr olds?

  • Dead serious.

  • I let my wife have a black bull and now that is all she wants. I must admit when she gets that big black c*** in her she goes crazy. While I am not jealous because she is just using there c**** to satisfy her needs I wish I could turn her on like they do. Good luck.

  • Thanks. Although I'm sure she has never cheated on me, I think under the right circumstances, she would let a black guy take her to bed.

  • Where do you guys live?

  • North Carolina . Any thoughts on my post?

  • Where in NC? I am also in NC.

  • Charlotte

  • Thought I might be able to help you out, but you live on a completely different continent so... :/
    Good luck to you though! Hope you guys find what you're looking for! :)

  • Wish you could . I really think she would be open to the idea. Thanks anyway.

  • I'd still like to keep in touch though since I'm still intrigued by your idea. Post your email as a reply to this comment and I'll contact you. :)

  • I appreciate your interest. Would love to keep in touch with you. I am slowly getting her use to the idea. She is very receptive, but slightly hesitant. She is concerned about how it would affect our relationship/my opinion of her. Could really use some suggestions and opinions on this matter, especially if you have some experience in this area. For personal reasons , I would prefer to communicate by means other than email. Any suggestions?

  • Talked mine into revealing her utmost fantasy after lots of prompts,I met her when she was 35 now she 52 still slim n attractive,she admitted that as a slow starter then having useless lovers and a t*** of a husband she had missed out a lot,met me and had her eyes opened and first ever o******,so anyway she wouldn't do three some or guys her age or older but said she thrilled at young and very hung with cut c****,last 9 years and only on our travels she has done this with me watching but not partaking,it's awesome seeing her taken,p**** stretched and struggling to accomadate 8" and a huge 10" c***,she also took it anally which totally surprised me as she squeals with my 7" in her a***,she did whimper all the way tho but at the end just as he spunked up her a*** she was backing right onto it and took it to the hilt dirty b****

  • Only problem with this site is that any troll can claim to be either one of us and reply in our "name". That's why I prefer email.
    I don't know what your "personal reason" is for wanting to use other means, but creating a new, anonymous email account for just this purpose usually solves most issues:
    - You can still be anonymous (I won't know your real name or who you are).
    -You can still keep it hidden from your wife (she won't even know about the new, fake email account).
    - No one else will find out (e.g. friends, family or anyone at work).
    - It won't get mixed in with the rest of your emails since it's a completely separate account.
    As I said, I don't know what your "personal reason" might be, but a fake email account takes two minutes to set up and solves most problems. Just a tip. ;)

  • Are you interested in seeing pics and short vids of my Mrs then? Email me at

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