Wife is hot but becoming a hot mess

My wife is hot, and I should be happy. But she drinks by herself at home, and its becomeing to the point she is more of a hot mess and a turn off. Kind of like an annoying school girl. She doesnt drive that way, but its no fun when she is at another level. I like to drink too, but now its not even fun because she f’ing ruins it.

Nov 26, 2018

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  • You wanted a school girl and you got one. Too bad for you "annoying" is part of that package. Intelligent people know this, but you were too busy being dazzled by p**** and t*** to pay attention. Reap what you sow.

  • She has a disease that needs to be treated. Get her some help. My wife is a recovering alcoholic, and at her worst it was pretty bad, because it seeps into other things often, like gambling, other drugs, infidelity.

  • A strong sign of alcoholism is personality changes after drinking. My ex wife couldn't play the piano when she was sober but played very well when loaded. I had to quit drinking when I got an ulcer and she found a new drinking buddy. The whole time we were married if she got loaded and I wasn't there she would s**** wohmever was. I really was glad when it was over, my ew wife is wonderful.

  • Whomever not wohmever, new not ew

  • I hear you. I have a very hot wife and a few times a year she gets overly drunk. The incessant talking, loud laughing and cackling is so irritating.

  • Save her from secret alcohol addiction asap. Brothers mother in law was a daily drinker. They took all of the curtains from the house. Forced sunlight into the house. Removed the privacy that was abused to drink herself to death.

  • You're finally seeing past the surface to what's always been there. Congratulations, you're growing up!!

  • Just be happy that she's not out there f****** a bunch of other guys, which is what a lot of women with a drinking problem do. Believe me, I know. As long as she's not spreading her legs for every flatterer that comes along, you should let her have her fun, and JUST DEAL WITH IT.

  • Try to get her some help

  • Totally. Do ^this^.

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