Wife is hot but becoming a hot mess

My wife is hot, and I should be happy. But she drinks by herself at home, and its becomeing to the point she is more of a hot mess and a turn off. Kind of like an annoying school girl. She doesnt drive that way, but its no fun when she is at another level. I like to drink too, but now its not even fun because she f’ing ruins it.

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  • You wanted a school girl and you got one. Too bad for you "annoying" is part of that package. Intelligent people know this, but you were too busy being dazzled by p**** and t*** to pay attention. Reap what you sow.

  • She has a disease that needs to be treated. Get her some help. My wife is a recovering alcoholic, and at her worst it was pretty bad, because it seeps into other things often, like gambling, other drugs, infidelity.

  • A strong sign of alcoholism is personality changes after drinking. My ex wife couldn't play the piano when she was sober but played very well when loaded. I had to quit drinking when I got an ulcer and she found a new drinking buddy. The whole time we were married if she got loaded and I wasn't there she would s**** wohmever was. I really was glad when it was over, my ew wife is wonderful.

  • Whomever not wohmever, new not ew

  • Let me ask you this cause you didn’t explain why she is a hot mess.
    Does she become belligerent?
    Does she throw fits or wants to argue?
    Does she become a sexual predator in bed or want rough hard s**?
    Once my wife gets drunk she becomes a different person. She will sneak out with a guy either at a club or party and have s** either in a car or outside.Its happen before I couldn’t find her and she was getting pounded outside a house party and I was embarrassed she was going to get caught. She’s come home from going out with her friends drunk and one night when her friend dropped her off I guided her to bed and she asked me if I was going to pound her p**** again with my big c***! Then another night she came home and I asked her if she had s** with someone and she said find out for yourself and she was still sloppy wet and her breast smelt like liquor.
    Funny thing she never remembers anything after she gets wasted

  • I hear you. I have a very hot wife and a few times a year she gets overly drunk. The incessant talking, loud laughing and cackling is so irritating.

  • Save her from secret alcohol addiction asap. Brothers mother in law was a daily drinker. They took all of the curtains from the house. Forced sunlight into the house. Removed the privacy that was abused to drink herself to death.

  • You're finally seeing past the surface to what's always been there. Congratulations, you're growing up!!

  • Just be happy that she's not out there f****** a bunch of other guys, which is what a lot of women with a drinking problem do. Believe me, I know. As long as she's not spreading her legs for every flatterer that comes along, you should let her have her fun, and JUST DEAL WITH IT.

  • Try to get her some help

  • Totally. Do ^this^.

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