The day I disappeared forever

I dated this girl and she apparently lost interest in me. No kisses, no holding, hands no hugs, no affection. I knew the end was near but I did want to discuss things on what I thought would be a final date. We had been dating for three years.

So I phone her and I ask her out. She asks me what we were ging to do and I suggested a movie. She said no. I suggested a trip to the park and she said no. The zoo? No, the elephants smelled too bad.

I asked her to suggest something and she said no that it was up to me to figure things out. In other words, we weren't going out that weekend.

Not knowing what else to say and not knowing yet what was going to happen I told her that I would call her back when I thought of something to do.

A few days passed and the next week I just could not bring myself to call her. She had lost interest in me and there was no way to get her reinterested. Weeks passed with no word from her and I decided to never call her again. I had had enough. It was time to move on.

She sent me an unsigned Christmas card but I sent her nothing. Prior to my decision I had always tried to buy her something nice but I could not bring myself to buy her a card and send it to her much less a gift.

Goodbye Jane and goodbye forever.

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  • It's sad. Even sadder when you've invested years into the relationship. Gotten married. Bought a house together and had kids. Then she goes cold. No way to spark her interest. She's too busy. Unaffectionate.

    Glad you separated now. Pity there was no honest talk .

  • Respect bro!

  • She's not worth the effort, move on.

  • Good for you, you did the right thing!! :-)

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