Trick or treat

It was Halloween
and my wife and her sister and I began drinking before going to a party - they were in disguise - I was not but they decided I should dress as a woman - they got some of thier sexy cloths for me - my wife is tiny so her sister got her bra and panties for me to try on ( turned me on ! ) got to the party and had a great time and great drinks - after a few I went to the bathroom and took sis panties off - went over to her and tucked them in her hand with no one noticing ! After the party the 3 of us went home - my wife was drunk - on the couch with her sister watching I began to undress her till she was stark naked , drunk , and hirny I began to find me her and undress myself till I was naned and making love to my wife - after a while of hit s** I gkanced over to see my sister in law naked and spread wide and masturbating franticully !! My wife passed out and I came all over her , my sister in law came , got dressed and went home - and never a word has been said of our adventure in over a year now !!

Dec 12, 2016

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  • You're such a hack. Like, so freaking what, you saw her naked. You know who else gets to see naked people? Anyone with an internet access. Real ones, not made-up bunk. So you saw here naked, then what? Nothing. Because you're too gutless to imagine a "what next" type scenario. You're making s*** up buy only half-delivering on the story? F*** you.

  • Go watch the Internet loser !

  • Was the party in a cabin? By now it's a rule that in order to post here about your wife and sister-in-law, they MUST get drunk in a cabin before you put the moves on sister-in-law! And not only that but she MUST be GIVING BIRTH. Also, you're supposed to count how many times your goofy family goes to the bathroom. That's the most important detail of all.

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