Wrestling my sister in law

Sister in law play wrestling
I always wanted to see my wife wrestle her sister. So one day when my wife was upstairs with my sister in law I hugged my sister in law from behind and tackled her to the floor. I was hoping to get my wife to straddle her but my wife wanted nothing to do with it only laughing. I have a strong bare foot fetish and my goal was to see my wife sitting on top of her bare foot sister. So after I tackled my sister in law I held her down by sitting on her stomach facing her bare feet. I took off one sock at a time and acted like I was tickling her bare feet. All the while my wife just laughed. As I turned around I smelled her bare foot. I started to get hard. My sister in law escaped to her knees. My heart was in my stomach, it was beating heavily. I couldn't help myself as I tackled her again this time sitting on her for about 10 seconds or so and bam. I had an accident. My wife never know I had the accident in my pants. Thank god.

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  • My sister in law has huge b**** and is 8 years younger than my wife, we were at the beach and she had on just a bikini, While my wife took the kids for ice cream me and her were sitting side by side, she pushed me over after a smart ass comment I made, I playfully wrestled her to the sand and totally by accident ended up with her face down with one of her b**** in my hand.
    I gave it a squeeze and then let her up, She got up, fixed her top, looked at me and said "Um...Inappropriate..." then just giggled, I laughed it off and we had a great rest of the day.

  • From the sound of this you have a huge foot fetish. You mention bare feet and socks. It is cool but again how about paying for a female so that you can kiss, smell & play with her feet without interruption.

  • I think us guys love to get our hands on the sister in laws because we know we can't have them sexually. So whenever you get a chance you go for it.

  • I was kicking myself in the ass. My wife started tickling her sister at an outdoor party. She ends up straddling her, everyone is laughing while I am fumbling for my cell, as I finally get to video function she lets her up.

  • My sister in law is equally hot. She started playwrestling my nephew in the front room. Everyone was screaming while I got a huge b****. I had to leave the room.

  • My sister in laws feet are equally hot. You gave me a great idea. Lol

  • You sound like the dude who sat on his wife's' friend

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