Having chronic asthma and getting old

Asthma is a debilitating disease that holds you back from a lot of things. Sports and other activities. I'm what doctors diagnose as a lung cripple.

Asthma can be fatal but it usually isn't. I'll be seventy my next birthday.

To date, I've watched six friends die usually of heart disease. My blood pressure is normal. The people I've seen die worked out with weights didn't smoke and either didn't drink or drank lightly.

I never exercise and I do drink a bit.

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  • You're old, stop winging!!

  • Funny how the world works. I am 22 and have been smoking for 2 years straight and fear death is coming to get me. I have stop smoking but I feel the damage is already done

  • Good luck. If you stay quit for ten years all damage will be repaired.

  • *stopped

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