The ugly one.

With my best friends, I'm the ugly one.
I sometimes wonder if that's the only reason they insist on still being friends with me even as we grow further and further apart and increasingly have less in common.
They never have to worry about being the ugly one even if they aren't the prettiest one there.

But I recently got involved with this theater group. They make me feel amazing. I know I'm still not among the pretty ones there but they make me feel like it doesn't matter.
They love me for who I am. They like my personality.

I love them because they made me love myself again.

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  • If u love urself ul b dissappointed because u havnt changed atleast the people who mak u feel ugly are being honest

  • I'm currently living in a lovely house with 3 other students. We're all studying illustration with animation; so i have one friend upstairs making short stop-motion films, another learning about Flash animation; one making puppets and performance-pieces (and sewing her own clothes in her spare time) and me sploshing ink and paint around and generally having a lovely time.

    After I graduate, I'm moving in with my boyfriend, who is an incredible musician and songwriter, and runs a really successful night in Liverpool.

    EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US was a 'loser' at school. It doesn't matter in the slightest.

  • I would hang out with whoever makes you feel comfortable, so the theater group, as long as you ok with being considered a "loser" by the rest of your immature peers.

  • ^ Amusing but wrong advice.

    Your -friends- might seem to use you as a tool to make themselves look better, but you probably mean more to them than you know. You seem to have a solid personality, where the good looking ones might be always scheming against each other for some reason, but have no threat to their fragile self esteem. They probably think you'd never back-stab them in some sort of way.

    The theater group, and theater in general, is about opening up your emotions, exploring how you can manipulate yours, or others, and expression in general. You get to get in your own head. It can give you clarity. Its now that you are realizing how you are a p*** with your pretty friends and that itself could be a reason to distance yourself more from them.

    Best of luck.

  • If you're really butt-ugly and they keep you around to make themselves look better, maybe you should think about putting out on the first date.
    If you're a real two-bagger, you might have to tell your dates that you always swallow.

  • It sounds like you have a friendly personality that just attracts people, I think you'll find that physical appearance is not as big a deal as some people make it out to be. Don't worry about who your friends are or what they might think of your looks, if they are your friends that's what matters.

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