What a crappy world we live in

I wasn't born ugly but I'm somewhat overweight which most find ugly. I really don't mind the way I look at all, I quite like it really. Sometimes I look at thin women and don't really like the way they look but that's just my preference. It's like the world keeps trying to tell me I need to like the way I look, while shaming me at the same time, but I'm just laughing because I already do. I sometimes laugh at people's shallowness because it's a non-issue to me and I find it really unattractive.

I feel sorry for people that were born 'ugly'. Just because your features weren't placed in a certain position or weren't shaped a certain way, you're forever ignored or looked down upon. I guess that's part of why I like being fat. Most people hate it and it just weeds them out. Sometimes I wish I was born with an ugly face because then I wouldn't be pitied as the girl who could be pretty if she lost weight. As if I'd want to be what you want anyway.

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  • GFY, PIG!

  • It is the most insecure people who force their expectations on others to protect their feelings of dissapointment.
    When I see people like that, or racism, àny verbal abuse... I visualize literal s**t pouring out of their mouth. Pure diarrhea. It snaps a focus back on the topic and helps you keep your emotions from running away with the confrontation. The abuser might be planning g to push your buttons. Manipulation of emotions.

  • Bet you would like someone to diahrrea in your mouth.

  • Good for you, I'm a chubby bi woman of 50 I have big 42gg t***. I go to a swingers club once a month and get more action than the skinny women, their husband's love f****** me so I offer to lick their c***, most accept

  • You wish, slob!

  • You're probably somewhere between hideous and grotesque. Do you ever wash your private parts?

  • What a crappy world we live in. Yep. Every single word that comes out your mouth is true. I love you. You have a beautiful mindset.

  • It's all BS and you fell for it. LOL

  • It's good that you like the way you look. But you are obese. Which yeah, makes you ugly. It is a crappy world that we live in but that's the truth. If you can find someone who thinks that's attractive, you both deserve an award. But skinny women will always be seen as the prettier figure. Ask 100 men what they believe is "fat", and they'll point out a picture that's merely curvy. Genetics don't lie. Men like skinny women. Therefore, skinny women will always be pretty.
    Saying that you like being fat, is like confessing you have a mental issue or low self esteem. Seek professional therapy, and get to a healthy size. You'll feel and look better. And then you won't have to worry about being "the girl who could be pretty if she lost weight". You will be her.
    (Yes this is all sarcasm. F*** off haters)

  • F-U-C-K O-F-F Paedophile!!

  • What is it with you calling everyone a f****** pedophile all the time?
    Is that your fetish or something, you sick b******.

  • Why are you mad at that person calling out sick child molesters? Are you one of them too?

  • I love curvy women. They are real and sexy

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