I don't know what to do about boyfriend

I don't love him. Don't even like him, more recently. He constantly treats me like I'm an idiot, makes long speeches about why my dream (owning my own business) will never work and why I'm stupid for trying so hard. His words: "It's all going to blow up in your face" and "You are spending money for nothing, you'll regret this in a few years."

But he is gorgeous and I am not. He tells me I'm pretty no matter what, which is sweet, but I am truly ugly in ways that can't be changed except by drastic surgery -- the only guys who ever liked me (as more than a "friend") were ugly as well and I had to force myself even to kiss them. He's dated pretty girls before and I have no idea why he's with me. So I know I'm being shallow, but

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  • After reading this I think you already made your decision. Good luck with all the pain and suffering he’s dishing out.
    He’s supposed to be there for you and help you live your dream.

  • Its doesn't matter how goregous he is; if you feel like s*** when you're with him its not worth it.

  • ^totally true^

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