I'm so insecure about my looks to the extent that I cringe every time I look in the mirror. Now I have a fear of mirrors because I don't want to ever see my face. I have a large and wide nose that looks ugly from just about every angle, breakouts pretty much everywhere, and a slightly overgrown jaw (not quite an underbite, but close). I don't think I'm exactly ugly, but I can't help but to compare myself to those pretty girls at my school.

When I'm with friends, I feel like the outcast. When I'm with family, I feel like the ugly duckling because everyone else in my family is gorgeous. I'm asian by the way, so my nose is HUGE compared to other people in my small and delicate-nosed family. I have the lowest self-esteem imaginable. And lately, I've been trying to cheer myself up by saying to myself "You're not ugly. You're just different." It worked... to an extent, anyway. Sometimes I feel pretty, and other times I feel like an ogre. Is it normal to have mood swings like that?

Any solutions to a smaller looking nose? Besides plastic surgery, of course.

Mar 20, 2011

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  • u are beautiful beyond looks

  • Agree with above comment. You're totally normal. Mood swings could be hormones too. Learn to love what you have and who you are. You are beautiful. We all have things we don't like about ourselves. We are also our own worse enemies. Don't resort to plastic surgery. Cheaper method, there are make up tricks that you can find online. But your best bet, work on your self esteem and just accept yourself just the way you are.

  • Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, feels insecure about their looks. Even those pretty girls. Maybe especially those pretty girls. If you are totally judged on your appearance, imagine how horrible it must feel to have a zit. Or to have a bad hair day. Or to get rejected in spite of your good looks.

    Being attractive is more about confidence than anything else. Think about Angelina Jolie. She's got this huge forehead, these freakishly huge eyes, and she is super super scrawny. But she just exudes confidence, and she is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world.

    Point is, stop worrying about whether or not you fit the standard. Unless you are horribly disfigured, I can guarantee that there are people at there who find you attractive. Stop comparing yourself to others. Sure they may have a small nose, but who cares? I can assure you that each one of them has something about themselves that they hate too. Life isn't a competition.

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