Small teen age boy fights heroically for his dignity

In my neighborhood, there was a short thin guy who while I liked him could be a pain in the ass. He was visiting me with two other much larger boys who ganged up on him and pantsed him.

The plan was to force him outside nude and then lock the door.

The kid was short and thin and his tormentors were tall and husky with one overlarge boy being nearly 6 ft 4 in and big.

I thought the kid would soon be out the door but he fought like a tiger. His private parts were flapping but he was able to keep inside.

I told my friends they could not hit him and that if he wasn't out the door soon I'd help him.

As luck would have it we could see my parents driving towards the house and he was released and allowed to re dress.



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  • Once there was a boy who angered his father. The father made him strip naked and do the washing up in the nude.

  • Ah the stories of youth.

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