White genius gets black woman pregnant

There is a well to do black woman who wanted a baby and she wanted it to have all the good traits a child can have. She wanted a child she could put through college and she wanted it to be fathered by a man who could give it all those advantages. The man had to be very intelligent and athletic and healthy.

She found all these traits in a Chemical Engineering student who made all A's at a well thought of University.

I was friends with the lady and after I pointed out that he was a natural redhead she just laughed.

He got her pregnant and her beautiful daughter is a straight A student at a private school.

The girls hair is not as kinky s her mothers but it isn't red either. The kids skin is pecan colored.

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  • Race has no relevance, in regards to intelligence!

  • What does their race, have to do with anything? It's irrelevent

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